Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today is big.

As of noon today we officially became foster parents. We simply have to live with our phones attached to our bodies waiting for it to ring for the rest of our lives, but how wonderful that news is. This means we are mommy and daddy. Those words have long been yearned for in our house. We wait and wonder if we will ever hear them, and now that day is coming. Brandon is such a wonderful person. I called to tell him the news and his first response was "congratulations mommy." What more could I ever ask for?!
Now we wait. As awful as the wait seems I know it will all be worth it. We are going to change children's lives and have them touch our hearts, and that is always worth waiting for.

We are blessed. We are truly blessed by what God is doing in our lives. How wonderful He is and faithful. I always knew I was a mom. I longed for a positive pregnancy test or even the slightest glimpse of morning sickness. And though we have not given up hope on that exciting adventure, we are now aware that this is where God has wanted us all along. So my future now holds tons of dirty diapers, teething, spit up, ouchies, and a heaping amount of laundry. But it also holds love, compassion, snuggles, kisses, first steps, and so much more!
Anytime now, we will receive that call that will once again change our lives forever. Somewhere out there are three children waiting for us as much as we are for them. Hello my sweet babies. We will see you soon!!!


  1. God is good!! What a wonderful surprise when you called this morning. Soon you will have your "babies" and they will call you mommy and daddy. The news of finally being on the list brought tears to my eyes and I know it did to you. Just a little longer.
    God bless! I love you. Nana

  2. Hi Brandi! I just read your blog for the first time...and congratulations! I know how hard it is to WAIT. We didn't get pregnant with Audrey for a while and I know that the waiting is very hard when all you want to do is be a mom! I will pray for your "adventure."