Monday, November 3, 2008

Life never seems to amaze me. One minute I am ecstatic and the very next worriesome and anxious. After anxiously awaiting an email that was supposed to be here on Friday it finally came at 5:00 pm tonight. I read it three times making sure my facts were straight and immediately called our caseworker. I expected to get her email and suprisingly she answered. The email contained information on a sibling group of three that were available for immediate adoption. They were a boy, Christian 4 years old, a girl Delilah 3 years old, and another girl Ava 1 year old. They are precious and have been through so much in their short life. Brandon and I knew instantly we would proceed with this case and pray for the best. So I am excited when Elaine answers the phone. I tell her we are infact interested in this placement and to my horror she says that another family has already said they were interested as well. This does NOT mean we won't be able to open our homes to these blessings, it just means that now we are "in competition" with another family. I pray that this is the one, but we have known too much disappointment to get overly excited. I just feel awful having to have my life on paper waged up against another couple's life on paper and see who's is better. That sounds just awful! But that is the system and so far the system seems to be working. We will just pray for our children to make it to our home soon. Wouldn't it be nice to have children to celebrate Christmas with?! Please keep us in your prayers during this time. We could know as early as the end of this week! Thanks!

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