Monday, May 11, 2009

Bambi's Day

Today is Bambi's Day! To most of you it is just another Monday, the beginning of the week, or the day after Mother's Day. To me it is my day!!

Normally Mother's Day is hard. With everything we have been through, you feel like a mother but you don't feel able to celebrate this beautiful day. That is how I have always felt. Last year, one of my best friends decided that even though we do not have children, I should still get to celebrate a day! Madison calls me Bambi instead of Brandi and Bambi's Day was created :)

Now, this is not just some little day. Our entire little group knows of Bambi's Day! Julie created the day in honor of those women that either struggle with infertility or failed adoptions , etc.

I am so beyond blessed that there are people in our lives that remeber us on what is normally a hard weekend!!!!

Here is my Bambi's Day!!!

Flowers from Julie, Corey, Maddie, Miley, and #3

My hand-made card from Julie, Corey, Maddie, Miley, and #3

Chocolates from Clayton :)

And a beautiful necklace from Clayton that he picked out himself!
I am so beyond blessed! Thank you guys for yet another unforgettable Bambi's Day!!!


  1. That's very sweet. Best of luck to you!

  2. Happy late Bambi's Day...Love ya