Saturday, August 22, 2009

Confessions of a Potty-training Super Hero

I think parents should receive an award for potty training. It need not be large or expensive, just a small token of appreciation from the universe that we have accomplished this wild ride, that we have in fact arrived!

After the news that Mr J and Miss A would be staying with us a while longer, we decided Mr J was ready. He already knew he was ready. One of his few words includes "i peeeee" and " me pop." We, however, did not want to start this adventure until we knew he would be here long enough to become a toilet trained toddler!! So I donned my super hero cape and gathered my special powers up and we set off on what would soon become blog-worthy adventures from the potty!

Fist we bought the undies, lots and lots of undies! Then we faced the toilet. Mr J this is the toilet. Toilet, this is Mr J. Mr J I must admit is doing much better with this than I am. His eyes get big and his toothy grin shows through because he knows at the end of every potty time there is a sticker in his future. We have started slow. Every little bit we will take a trip into the potty where Mr J climbs up there all by himself, does his business, and (his favorite part) flushes.

However, if that was all this blog was about it would not be so interesting. Mr J showed real promise and after a few days I decided we should skip a few steps and wear our big boy undies all day long.

As I was cooking lunch I heard an unfamiliar sound from the babies' room. I prepared myself for possibility of a mess. I convinced myself that this was a normal part of potty training. We were on the right track. Whats a few messes when your toddler is toilet trained. Well.......

The scene was something from a horror movie. Mr J had decided that the potty was too far away and his toy box was a more appropriate solution to his problem. Needless to say...

This was a poop-trosity!!! And I will be expecting my award!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Snow in August??

The other day started like any normal day. I had no idea that the afternoon held snow angels in my future. I stepped out of the house for a moment to take the trash to the curb, a much hated chore! As I came back in Jubba (one of my favorite little girls) was frantacilly telling me that Mr J had dumped baby sugar all over the place. Baby sugar?? This was new...

So I approached my kitchen calmy, anticipating a large mess. The mess was in fact large to say the least. Mr J had dumped an entire box of baby cereal all over the floor. The amount of sweeping in my future was scary. In the midst of my dismay Mr J layed in the middle of the kitchen floor and began to make snow angels...all the while yelling "snooow snooowwww!"

This will forever be the time that it snowed in August!!!!


This morning came very early. After a not-so-great sleep I was up and awake long before I wanted to be. Today was court! As a beginner in this crazy game of foster parenting, we had no idea what to expect from today. So I woke early, cooked a wonderful breakfast (however the anxiety burned my biscuits) and prayed for God's will. My husband is not like me. He was actually attending the court hearing and woke up only a few minutes prior to having to be out the door. When he walked out of our room I politely (I think) asked him to go and change. "But no one is going to pay attention to what I am wearing." was his response. "I will!" was my reply. Lets just say he did change before leaving.

So my front door closes with my sweet husband and mother getting in the car and driving to our court hearing. The minutes could not have gone by any slower. Court was scheduled to start at 9:00 am. By 9:40 my husband was calling me to inform me on what happened. We are proceeding with the case plan. The parents are attempting to work their plan. That is all!

As a foster parent you know that your goal is reunification with the family. That is what we are taught. That is our calling. We love the babies as if they will stay forever, and plan as if they will go home tomorrow. This is such an easier concept when you do not have a placement. I know that God is in control of our situation. I beleive that the outcome of the placement will be God's will. I have faith that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. I still feel like the air is being taken out of me when I think of the babies going home. Our faith is the only way we get through this. Saying goodbye to a child who has previously been removed for whatever reason is hard, but the uncertainty of their little lives is the hardest. You pray the parents grow and learn and become the kind of parent we all stride to be. As we all know, there are No guarantees.

As of now Mr J and Miss A will be with us a while longer. We are beyond blessed! Before long Miss A will be walking everywhere and Mr J is starting a very scary road of potty training!!! (Please pray for me) We are overcome with joy knowing that there are no goodbyes directly in front of us. As of today we are still a mommy and a daddy. I am blessed with every single day I have to be here for the children. I thank God that my dear husband has the opportunity to feel a small tug on his finger and an even bigger tug on his heart.

So today is a good day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Small Moments

As I sit here trying to blog, I am watching as my sweet husband is doing his very best to persuade a 1 yr old to go to "nitenites." He is losing! It is the small moments like this that remind me of how truly blessed I am.
Miss A turned a whopping 1 yr old last week. We celebrated with two small parties. She had so much fun and after the first party she completely understood the cake-smashing portion of the party! Shortly there after Miss A was in her room playing with Mr J. It had become too quiet which always scares me a little, so I snuck in to take a peek. What do I see? Miss A is standing perfectly still in the center of her room. Without any hesitation her little foot leaves the floor and she takes a perfect 1 step! In my amazement of her becoming so big in such a few short weeks I quickly run for my camera as to not miss the next show~well I am still waiting!!!
Mr J is doing very well. He has become much more loveable and trusting of us. When Brandon comes home from work, Mr J will hear the sound of the truck, jump up and down, and wait by the door. Then he immediately grabs a leg and starts jabbering about all of the details of his day! Way too cute!!!
We are slowly getting ready for Clayton to head into his junior year in high school. We find this very exciting, however, Clayton does not seem to share in this excitement.
As I am trying to update everyone, Miss A is officially winning this "nitenites" battle and I feel as if I need to come to my husband's rescue! More to come...