Saturday, August 22, 2009

Confessions of a Potty-training Super Hero

I think parents should receive an award for potty training. It need not be large or expensive, just a small token of appreciation from the universe that we have accomplished this wild ride, that we have in fact arrived!

After the news that Mr J and Miss A would be staying with us a while longer, we decided Mr J was ready. He already knew he was ready. One of his few words includes "i peeeee" and " me pop." We, however, did not want to start this adventure until we knew he would be here long enough to become a toilet trained toddler!! So I donned my super hero cape and gathered my special powers up and we set off on what would soon become blog-worthy adventures from the potty!

Fist we bought the undies, lots and lots of undies! Then we faced the toilet. Mr J this is the toilet. Toilet, this is Mr J. Mr J I must admit is doing much better with this than I am. His eyes get big and his toothy grin shows through because he knows at the end of every potty time there is a sticker in his future. We have started slow. Every little bit we will take a trip into the potty where Mr J climbs up there all by himself, does his business, and (his favorite part) flushes.

However, if that was all this blog was about it would not be so interesting. Mr J showed real promise and after a few days I decided we should skip a few steps and wear our big boy undies all day long.

As I was cooking lunch I heard an unfamiliar sound from the babies' room. I prepared myself for possibility of a mess. I convinced myself that this was a normal part of potty training. We were on the right track. Whats a few messes when your toddler is toilet trained. Well.......

The scene was something from a horror movie. Mr J had decided that the potty was too far away and his toy box was a more appropriate solution to his problem. Needless to say...

This was a poop-trosity!!! And I will be expecting my award!!!!


  1. LOL you need a cookie...I will so take out to lunch....don't forget to tell everyone about the nice little shower all the toys got.

  2. give yourself a HUGE pat on the back....and lets face will probably happen again...i am proud of you for grinning and bearing is tough to potty train but you are a super can do it!!!

  3. I remember when you were being potty tried to change yourself and boy what a mess.....hang in there you are going on an unforgetable ya

  4. What a cute blog design....I love it...and love the colors you used....

  5. I babysit 4 two years olds and I'm trying to potty train them...grrr So I know how hard(frustrating) it can be. However, I know they will eventually get it and I won't have to change their diapers anymore and that will be wonderful. Best wishes to you:)

  6. Just stopping by to say hey! I wanted to see how you were doing:)