Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Small Moments

As I sit here trying to blog, I am watching as my sweet husband is doing his very best to persuade a 1 yr old to go to "nitenites." He is losing! It is the small moments like this that remind me of how truly blessed I am.
Miss A turned a whopping 1 yr old last week. We celebrated with two small parties. She had so much fun and after the first party she completely understood the cake-smashing portion of the party! Shortly there after Miss A was in her room playing with Mr J. It had become too quiet which always scares me a little, so I snuck in to take a peek. What do I see? Miss A is standing perfectly still in the center of her room. Without any hesitation her little foot leaves the floor and she takes a perfect 1 step! In my amazement of her becoming so big in such a few short weeks I quickly run for my camera as to not miss the next show~well I am still waiting!!!
Mr J is doing very well. He has become much more loveable and trusting of us. When Brandon comes home from work, Mr J will hear the sound of the truck, jump up and down, and wait by the door. Then he immediately grabs a leg and starts jabbering about all of the details of his day! Way too cute!!!
We are slowly getting ready for Clayton to head into his junior year in high school. We find this very exciting, however, Clayton does not seem to share in this excitement.
As I am trying to update everyone, Miss A is officially winning this "nitenites" battle and I feel as if I need to come to my husband's rescue! More to come...


  1. There is many more exiting moments to come for you and your family. I am blessed to be there to watch your "lil blessings" come into your life.

  2. Awwwwww....precious post:) Moments like that is what life is all about. Enjoy it!