Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Fairytale

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a queen and a king. King Fought and his queen longed for a child of their own. The castle was big and empty and quiet. So many years passed and the king and queen continued to pray for their unborn child.

This is our story. It is a story about loss, patience, prayer, and faith. Last week we were still just Brandon and Brandi Fought. We loved our job as foster parents, but continued to pray that one day our dream of having a child to call our own would come true. Just a week ago, through a number of channels, we were introduced to a wonderful woman who has become a part of our family. Together we discussed a little boy whom we hoped would be our prince. After much prayer and a whole lot of faith we knew in our hearts this was our son. I still cannot believe just how fast everything happened!

After tons of paperwork, many phone calls, tons of questions, and more anxiety than I have ever known, our day finally came. As we approached the office where we would first be introduced to our son, I was sick!! Calm and poised, with vomit in my throat, we approached the office. We were greeted by a wonderful woman who led us into a quiet vacant area. I waited as patiently as I think anyone can. Just minutes had passed and the door opened. An angel, we will call Jan, walked in holding the most beautiful creation I have ever laid eyes on. As she placed this miracle into my arms, my heart became full. I have never understood why parents just stare at their children as if they are waiting for the answers to all of life's questions to appear. For the next two hours I watched as my son held those answers in his big brown eyes. He nuzzled to my heart and cooed as I talked to him. My husband cried tears of joy as he held his son for the first time. The rest of the day was lots of crying, paperwork, and joy. I think all the people we encountered probably assumed we were crazy!!!

But tonight as I tell our story I am listening to my sweet husband tell our son "I am your daddy and I love you so much!" All the time, pain, and heartbreak we have endured mean nothing as I look into the eyes of my future. I feel like my heart grew much bigger than I even knew possible. He is amazing. He is perfect. He is ours!

So please allow me to introduce our prince, Joshua Matthew Lee Fought!!!


  1. Congratulations! Dreams and prayers do come true! Post more pictures!

  2. I am soo very proud of you and Brandon and soooo happpy that the fairy tale has come true. God is good and answers prayers. Joshua Matthew Lee Fought is soooo very lucky to have yall as his mommy and daddy. Love ya.

  3. I feel so privledged and honored that I got to be there for the welcoming of Joshua Matthew Lee Fought into his new family. Brandon and You will make wonderful loving parents and you deserve this.

  4. What a beautiful story you have....and how very blessed you guys are.

  5. This is awesome! I have tears in my eyes after reading this. Yall are such sweet people and I am so happy for yall, and Matthew is one lucky little guy!