Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tiny Fingers Touching My Heart

Deep brown eyes. Long dark hair. A smile that lights up the room. These are the things that take up my day. From morning to night I am enthralled with this little person who already has me and his daddy wrapped around his tiny finger.

I thought I would take a moment though and tell you all a little more about our little man. Matthew is special. He is special because he is our baby, but he is also special because God created him to be unique. Matthew has Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, Septo Optic Displaysia, and Seizure disorder. He is missing two parts of his brain, his corpus callosum and his septum pellucidum. However, this does not define him. This is a challenge that our sweet boy will learn to accept and overcome. He is visually impaired and we are unsure how much sight he will have. Last night as my husband was rocking him, I asked if he thought Matthew knew I was his mother and if he knew what I looked like. Out of nowhere, this tiny hand went to my cheek and Matthew began to stroke the side of my face and coo. How amazing that was. The entire world is literally at his fingertips. He is already showing signs of being a music lover which thrills my husband and my own heart. Our sweet boy is already doing things we were sure what take more time for him to accomplish. He is raising his head up more and more, and he is gathering more control of his neck muscles. He is becoming so much more alert and spends his days enjoying his toys. He is even starting to hold them! He also wakes up with a huge smile on his little face, which we are absolutely in love with.

Matthew also already has an entrouage. He is seen by a slue of doctors. He has a pediatrciain, an ENT, an opthamologis, a neurologist, a genetist, and an endocronologist. He is also visited by many different therapists.

We are trying to persuade him to enjoy some tummy time. He attempted his best today and we lasted 30 minutes!! I was very excited

Recently our little Matthew received a doc-band to help shape out his head. The doctors were unsure on whether this would work for him because of his diagnoses. However, after a week we went back to the doctor and his head, in fact, is making progress! We are so excited. We were a little worried about how Matthew would react to his new accessory. Our little trooper is doing great. He doesn't seem to mind his making a fashion statement, and he certianly is the talk of the town!

Matthew has been home almost a month. We have never felt more complete than we do when we hold our prince in our arms. He is truly amazing. I cannot wait to see what he will teach us about life.


  1. I am so thankful that Matthew has you and your husband... So much love for this little boy... It really makes me teary eyed...its just so beautiful.
    And the fact that he touched your cheek when you wondered if he knew you were his mommy and what you looked like....gave me goosebumps when I read that...!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  2. OMG..the picture of Brandon and Matthew is so so cute...I love it. I am so happy for you. God made Matthew special and he was brought into this world for you and Brandon to love.

  3. He is a cutie. Love the monkey jammies!
    I always wondered about the "seeing" with out little guy. In the midst of dealing with all of his diagnosis early on, the one that upset me the most was the lack of vision. I wanted that connection...we have just learned other ways to connect.

  4. Love it....made me cry when he touched your check.....Matthew is special and we all have a lot to learn from him. I can't wait to see what all he will teach us. I am the luckiest Nana in the world. I love him more than anyone could imagine.

  5. Wow, Brandi! I can tell you are so blessed to have Matthew, and I want to add that he is extremely blessed to have you! Your attention/sacrifice to his precious needs are such a testimony of your amazing heart!