Monday, January 3, 2011


One of Matthew's many diagnoses is Epilepsy.  His Epilepsy affects his daily life.  At this time we are seeing around 40-50 seizures daily.  Matthew takes two anti-seizure medications as well as participates in the Ketogenic diet.

Epilepsy is a beast.  It is a strong fighter, but so is our beautiful boy.

This year, however, we are vowing to make a difference.

We are participating in the 2011 Stroll for Epilepsy. 

Our goal is to raise $1,000.00.

We think we can do it!!!!

But we need some help.

Please visit our team page and make a donation today!

Every donation no matter the size make a BIG difference. Funds raised will help...

send kids to camp
provide clinics for people with no insurance
educate people about epilepsy and seizure disorders
destroy the stygma and negative images in society
a person with epilepsy learn job skills to become employed.

Don't hesitate. Make your donation today!

We are doing what we can to stand up against Epilepsy.

Will you do the same??

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