Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is the Story of a Girl

I have been keeping a secret from my blog readers!

Would you like to know what it is??


We are adopting again!!!

In fact, we leave in the morning to start a three day transition period to bring our daughter home.

Lillian Autumn Grace was born on September 28, 2009, ten weeks early. She was born addicted and had many medical concerns. After undergoing three surgeries to correct the issues with her intestines she is tolerating formula now and gaining weight. She was also born with club feet. Autumn Grace (as we will call her) has no sensation in her legs, and it is unknown if she will walk. We prayed for her for many months~~praying for health, wellness, and finding her forever family. We had no idea the Lord had us in mind!!

Autumn Grace weighed in this week at a whopping 9 lbs 10 oz.

I promise faithful readers there will be more soon, but for now we are getting ready to bring Matthew's baby sister home!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now

I have a problem: I feel as if some of Matthew's doctors are not listening to me. This is the utmost irritating thing!!!

Here's the story~

Matthew has seizures. He has been on Phenobarbital for 9 or so months now. When we first brought Matthew home we did not notice any seizure activity. We thought we were witnessing a miracle. As time went on a few "startle" seizures began to make their appearance known in our daily routine. Matthew's neurologist Dr. M is adamant on him continuing Phenobarbital. We are putting our trust in him (praying continuously).

Last week we traveled to Cooks in Ft. Worth for Matthew's MRI and EEG. We received the results this week, and for the most part no news is good news. The MRI showed that Matthew has Sinus Disease. That is the only difference since the last MRI. The EEG showed multiple parts of the right side of his brain have seizure activity.

This week Matthew's seizures have become prime-time television attention getting. He is sucking in his bottom lip, kicking out his left leg repeatedly, and has nystagmus (continuous eye movement) that is more involved than before. For a mother, any change is terrifying.

So off to the doctor we go tomorrow. I fear Dr. T (pediatrician) will fire us as a patient once he sees my list of questions-I come prepared. We are going to be discussing the Ketogenic diet. If this is the plan of action Dr. T thinks will be most effective then we will soon be taking the plunge into the world of the G-Tube.

I am scared.

On a much happier note~Matthew turned the big ONE on Saturday. He celebrated with two amazing parties. He is blessed with so many people that love him, and for that we are thankful. I must admit, watching your child turn a year old is slightly heartbreaking. My baby is indeed growing up much too fast.

God has truly blessed us. This week has been scary and uplifting. I would like to share with my few readers something amazing. This week we were able to connect with a family that has been intertwined in Matthew's life. For privacy reasons I will not go into detail. Having the ability to connect with someone, even over the phone, that understands what you have gone through
~from the adoption journey to the diagnoses~ is just amazing. Thank you, E, for taking the time to ask about Matthew. It has truly meant so much to me to be able to connect with you.

If you would, please say a special pray for our sweet boy tonight.

And~~~~keep an eye out for a very special and exciting blog coming in just about two weeks!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Goodness Gracious Great Yellow Ball

Raising a child with special needs is much like being out on the open seas in the midst of a storm. You never know what is going to happen. I have watched my sweet little boy grow and learn right before my eyes. I have cried and laughed each and every time he has done something new. I have pulled out my cell phone in the middle of Walmart to show some unsuspecting victim the videos of my precious and perfect son attempt to crawl. I am a mommy-monster, and I make absolutely no excuses for it!

Matthew's diagnoses scared me in the beginning. I would be lying if I told you any different. I was worried I would fail as a mother-as his mother. I wake up every morning with the same fear, and then that sweet child of mine looks at me with those perfect brown eyes and smiles when he hears my voice.

This Tuesday Matthew was having vision therapy. He loves Miss Jane as we all do. It never matters how bad of a night we have had, he tries so hard during therapy. This day was no exception. Miss Jane did the usual routine of toys with his usual response of coos. Then we noticed how loose his arms and hands were. Now to some of you what happened next may not be blog-worthy. To us it was billboard-worthy. Miss Jane ever so gently allowed Matthew to feel this little yellow ball. He was slightly intrigued, so she continued. It was at this very moment-this special place in time- that my Matthew held this little yellow ball. (Did I mention he is a genius?!)

I have never been so proud of my son then I was at that moment. He is growing each day. He is processing. He is seeing!! We know Matthew is special. We know that the world will always be at his fingertips. We are blessed to know that through everything he is healthy. Yet, we are praising God that he held a ball!

Why does the neighborhood buck?