Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our No Good, Very Bad Week

Well fellow bloggers
Summer is officially upon us, and this year it has brought us sickness!

Last week my sweet husband started to complain about a toothache. By Tuesday morning at 4 am his fever had reached 103.8. We set off to the local emergency room. We left there after two hours with four prescriptions, a diagnosis of facial abcess, and my husband's very sore bottom from a shot.
Wednesday he woke up with his throat almost completely swollen. Off to the doctor's office we went. We headed home with a new diagnosis of strep throat, another three prescriptions, and another sore bottom.
Brandon slept through this week. He only awoke to drink, eat, or take his medication.
He finally felt better on Friday and headed to work with a slightly smaller skip in his step.

Matthew began to feel bad Friday. He would not eat and seemed a little cranky. When he woke up from his nap he become inconsolable. So, off to the local emergency room we went.

Bloodwork, swabs, and sticks Oh My!!!

We headed home after several hours in the ER with a diagnosis of double ear infections and an elevated white count. Our sweet Matthew was sick again.
Now, I knew this diagnosis did not seem acurate, so the next morning I made a doctor's appointment.

On the road again:

We headed to Abilene. We were in and out of the office within thirty minutes!!! We had a brand new diagnosis as well: Matthew's ears looked great. There were no infections. All in all, he has an infection somewhere. Antibiotics are his new best frenemy, and we headed home.

This first week of June has brought us plenty of "no good, very bad days."

However, we are embracing summer and all the fun it has in store for our family.

Autumn enjoying her patriotic look!!
Matthew enjoying the summer fun and getting ready to swim!


  1. Hey sweetie sorry to hear everyone was feeling crummy. Glad to hear Brandon is getting better though...I want to come by and see you when everyone is feeling better...wanted to do it today but don't want to bring my brood over when everyone isn't feeling well. Give me a call.

  2. Autumn and Matthew are ADORABLE! Accessories and all!

    The pictures of Brandon sleeping is great!

    Praying for a relaxing, sick free summer!