Friday, September 24, 2010

I Want ItThat Way

I have a problem....

I have created a monster!

She is tiny and petite, but with an amazing set of lungs!

I think her version of the terrible two's may be starting early.

Take today for instance,

We were in the dining room, Autumn in her high chair, and I was feeding her favorite snack.

I walk out of the room for a split second (mommies do have to potty too) and I hear


I go to check on her, and she has her best pouty face on.

Red cheeks

One lonely alligator tear

And a lungs that would surprise you.

We gave her the nickname "Diva" and now it is starting to really fit!

Please send out a little prayer for us as we embark upon this journey of raising a slightly *wink* spoiled little girl!


  1. Don't pick on my little Diva...Meanie!!!!! :-P

  2. awww those pictures, what a face.

  3. I know how you feel! Love the new banner at the top, by the way!