Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stop and Smell the ...... Diapers

Be warned!

What you are about to read is indescribable. It is scary. It is TRUE!

The truths about motherhood:

Do you remember telling yourself your children would never eat in the car? I remember having that conversation as well. Then we had our two year old foster child, and lets face it: Happy Meals happen. If you were to look under the seats of my car you would probably find french fries growing fries.

Every mom has given their child a "wipey bath" at one point in time or another. The thing that most moms will not admit to is giving themselves the same "once over" as well.

Your child's bowel movements are in fact topic for discussion. You will discuss it. You will applaud when it happens. You will ask anyone and everyone if its "normal." Its mommy hood!

There will come a time (the most inopportune) that you will change your child's diaper in public. You may even become a pro at changing them inconspicuously while still in their stroller, in the middle aisle of Walmart, and no one will notice. Now that is "Mommy's Got Talent!"

At the end of the day, if you are not wearing snot, vomit, poo, or pee your day is indeed a success.

Diaper bags take place of purses. Coffee takes place of exercise. Its a sad cycle.

Your bra will in fact become a "catch all." I have, myself, been known to be holding a cell phone, cash, pacifier, and keys at the same time.

~~~And last but certainly not least......

In the middle of the night, when you are already in need of a lot of sleep, you will hear your baby cry. For a few seconds you will hope and pray (with one eye open) that they will soothe themselves. When they don't you will stumble every so clumsy into their room. You will stub your toe on their bed. You will say not so nice words in your head. You will change whatever monstrosity awaits you within their diaper. Then you will snuggle them!

And no amount of poo, pee, vomit, or snot can take away the feeling of rocking your child to sleep.

Its not pretty. Its not perfect. It is defiantly not glamorous.

It is worth it!

And that, my mommy friends, is what mommy hood is all about!

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