Thursday, September 16, 2010

Toys R Us

We are blessed with wonderful therapies for our children. With those therapies come equipment, and I must admit we get the wonderful opportunity to use some really neat things!
One of the most valuable pieces of equipment is Matthew's adjustable stroller. This is for sure our life saver when we go out!
This is Matthew's first ride in his new wheels.....

This is Matthew and his wheels recently.....big change!

He is able to use a collar. The collar has really allowed our little man to gain more head control. I was very skeptical about this one, and it has proven me very wrong!
Matthew's feeder chair is the underdog of equipment. It doesn't light up or move; however, it is probably used more often than most of the other pieces of equipment. It really helped us to get Matthew to start taking food orally.
Our first time in the feeder chair~~not impressed

A more recent picture including his collar~~oh how he's grown

For vision therapy, Matthew has a little room. He loves his little room, and has recently really started trying to grasp for things in it.
The kid loves bright beads (I think he takes after his mommy on that one!)
Matthew also has the pleasure of using a ladybug chair. This is not his favorite thing, but my oh my has his world started to change because of it. After a short bout of fits, Matthew is starting to enjoy "bug seat" time (I'm not sure where it came from, but it stuck) and has shown a lot of growth here. He even reached out to touch a few colored cubes off of his light box.
His light box is amazing. Watching Matthew look at something and focus on it with purpose is a miracle. My little man processes much more than we may ever know.He is showing much better head control

And trying to touch the light box

Look at my little man go

The true heroes of the equipment is our bath seat. Need I go into much more detail about this one?!
Autumn is not left out either. This is the Wingb0 which was originally brought for Matthew. He HATED it, but Autumn enjoyed swinging. While we were able to try it out, Autumn was in love!

One of the most precious days in my life was when Matthew was able to swing. Our sweet therapist, A, brought it to us to try out. We are not around a wheelchair accessible swing in the near vicinity, and I was distraught that my son had never been in a swing. When Matthew cooed with the rocking of this hammock-like swing hanging from one of our entryways, my heart sang!!
I am constantly amazed at what is available to our special kids. Every piece of equipment we have had the pleasure of trying has added to my children's abilities.

............and I'm sure there is more to come!


  1. I enjoyed talking to you too, Brandi! And what a couple of sweeties you've got there!

    Is that a Tumbleforms chair? Connor had one of those when he was smaller and we got a lot of use out of it.

    And I love the hammock swing! We've got a swing from Ikea that hangs in Connor's room, and he LOVES it.

    I'm looking forward to chatting again some time!

  2. I love the bath seat. Did you get that from Toys R us too? We are looking into getting something for our not so little man. He doesn't fit in the infant bathtub anymore.