Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dr. McMaybe

Today was a BIG day in our household. 

We decided to search for a new pediatrician, and today was our first appointment with Dr. McMaybe.  I am lovingly calling him McMaybe until I know if he is going to work out for us.  So good!

We arrived early.  If you know me at all, you are not surprised.  Once we checked in, the sweet nurses asked if Matthew was sick.  I explained that he was not "sick" but we did think something was going on.  They informed us that there were children who may be contagious in the waiting room, and asked us if we would rather go get something to drink and come back.  I explained to them that Matthew seems to have a recent aversion to his car seat, and we would gladly wait our turn.  Within ten minutes, Matthew's name was called.  They explained to us that we would still be waiting, but we could wait in Dr. McMaybe's office away from the other children. 

I was impressed with their concern!

Being the organized control freak that I am, I made sure we were well prepared with information regarding Matthew.  I had a list of current medications, current doctors, MRI results, as well as current labs.  I also had my ever-growing list of questions to ask.  Dr. McMaybe listened to our concerns.  He thoroughly examined Matthew.  He spent as much time as we needed going over everything with us. 

And unbelievably, we did not scare him away!!!!

So now we are preparing for more tests!  Yay!!!!  {Can you hear the sarcasm in my words}

We will be trotting our busy little bottoms to a GI doctor and a Geneticist.  Both are almost unbearably scary for me.  We are changing up some of Matthew's medications as well as starting a sleep aid. 

It is just amazing to me how weightless we felt upon leaving Dr. McMaybe's office.  He really listened to us.  He really understood what we were talking about.  Dr. McMaybe may soon become Dr. McAwesome!

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