Saturday, October 23, 2010

Its The Great Pumpkin

I have a fascination with pumpkins
They are all unique and beautiful
So off we went with our unique and beautiful children 
to see the unique and beautiful pumpkins

Perfect weather
Perfect moods ~~well Autumn was not impressed with the pumpkins
Perfect end to an awful week

Matthew was in awe of the pumpkins
My special little man
His special little pumpkin

Nana joined us too
We think she's quite unique and beautiful as well

The pumpkin patch was a enchanted place
 We walked
 We talked

 Matthew seemed to understand the fun of it all
We had not witnessed his smile before this day in a few weeks
I think the pumpkins are magic

 My little pumpkins
Our favorite little patch
One amazing morning!


  1. love was an amazing morning....sure have missed Matthew's smile.....thank you for letting me enjoy this day with you

  2. That smile! Brought tears to my eyes! I love pumpkins, too!

  3. Hooray for pumpkins!
    The kiddos are soooo cute!