Tuesday, October 5, 2010


My heart aches today.  

Matthew has seized since the moment he woke up yesterday.  He normally has about twenty seizures a day.  We have not seen any great results yet, but are determined to stick this out and hope for the best.  Yesterday he had at least seventy five seizures.  They varied in all types.  He jerked, he zoned out, he had clusters.  And now I am at a loss.  

To add to that, he has been holding his breath when he gets upset.  I spoke my concerns with our doctors, and they assured me this was normal for his age.  Well, today his lips turned completely blue several, several times!

I want to take his pain away.  I want to hurt for him.  And yet there is simply nothing I can do! 

So today, blogger friends, I am at a loss.  I need prayers and wisdom.


  1. Oh sweet girl, I am SO sorry. I am sending loads of prayers and love your way. I wish I wisdom and could do something more. Do you have a good relationship with your neurologist that he/she could see you right away? It seems like there should be something they could give Matthew to make all the seizing stop. Thinking of you today. Keep us posted. ((HUGS))

  2. Jude used to have up to 70 seizures a day. They finally labeled him with Lennox Gestaut syndrome. The only thing we have found that works in Depakene (Depakote). They now do a combo of Felbatol and Depakene. Felbatol is normally the "last resort" drug but it has been a miracle for Jude. Have you tried those medications??? Email me if you want more information jennjennortiz@yahoo.com