Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seasons of Thanks

strong hands
hearty laugh
broad shoulders that can handle my tears
great smile
kindest spirit

I am thankful for my husband!

rosy cheeks
big brown eyes
lover of music
the most precious giggle you may ever hear
learning to focus on my face when I tell him that I love him

I am thankful for my son! 

determined spirit
toothy grin
sweet face
strong will
the ability to tackle every obstacle in front of her

I am thankful for my daughter!

abounding love
unending grace
replenishing my spirit

I am thankful for my God!

We are surrounded by such an amazing support system.  We are blessed over and over every single day.  In the midst of the storm, our hands are held.  In the middle of celebration, we are covered in well wishes.  This year has been abundant in blessing and thanks.

Many blessings my blogger friends.  Hoping you have much to be thankful for too!

Happy Thanksgiving

~~from us~~~finally a family of four~~~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holly & Jolly

I have been searching for the perfect Christmas card this year.
As a family of four now, getting a good picture is hard part #1.
Selecting the perfect card is hard part #2.

This year Shutterfly is making it so much easier.  
Visit :
They are giving away cards to bloggers!!  Can you believe that?!  

 Now the hard part is deciding what card to pick~~there are just too many to choose from!

Thank You

I find myself burdened today...
My day starts the same way it ends....
I check on my children and my husband.  I am generally the first one up and the last one down.
Today, however, someone told me I was doing a good job.
As a mom, this is not something we hear often.  As a mom to special children, this is something we need to hear more.

I am burdened by not saying thank you enough to those that touch my life without even knowing it.  I am constantly and effectively inspired by the moms of other special children and their ability to persevere.  It gives me hope in the midst of a bad day.  It lightens my heart when I am feeling heavy.  It lifts my spirits when I need to laugh. 

So here's to you:

For the never ending conversations with well-meaning doctors
For the 2:00 am diaper change or glucose test
For the weight of making medical decisions
For the revolving door to therapists, nurses, and program managers
           (whom we LOVE)
For the oh-so-fun testing of the urine every morning
For the dirty looks you receive while tending to your
         "not normal" child in the grocery store
For the late nights scouring the internet for products,
           treatments, or information
For the equipment that IS necessary even if you have to
             fight the insurance for it
For the humility and grace it takes to advocate for your child
For wearing your heart on your sleeve while carrying
    your armor to every single doctor's appointment
For feeling alone because no one really understands you
For celebrating every single milestone in your child's own time
For seeing the beauty in a face(s) that society sees as different


It is not said often enough!

"God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?"" 
~William A. Ward

Monday, November 15, 2010

You've Got To Stand For Something


I have been waiting for a day like today for a long time.

Our PT brought a stander for Matthew to try out.
Matthew woke up cranky.
Cried all morning.

I was slightly worried....

Then my rockstar of a son pulled out all the stops
Now, please understand, I realize he is standing with the assistance of a stander.  However, here in our world we take all milestones when we can, how we can.
And this, my friends, is a big one!

He did well while our PT adjusted everything.  I paid close attention to how it all worked.
In the back on my head, I assumed he would not be as happy when no one else was here to witness his rockstarness....
I was WRONG.

This evening we put Matthew back into his stander

So good.

Then we traveled into the kitchen.
A place our sweet boy rarely visits due to lack of equipment for him to enjoy helping mommy cook.

He loved it!
So did I!

Worried about tempting fate, but testing the waters anyway, I gave him a toy...

When you have special needs children, especially visually impaired children, toys are not toys
They are generally household items that make a funny noise or have an interesting texture.
Matthew's favorite toy~mylar paper.
He held it.
I'm sorry I don't think you heard me~~~~

Another milestone reached!

And so..we celebrate!

And don't forget about our diva for a daughter.
Someone forgot to tell her she would not be able to walk.
Here is my bad take at videoing her "walking"

We are lovingly referring to this as
Autumn's  Boogey!
Sorry that it is sideways~~~I could not rotate it in any program :( 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Racing Ladybugs

Trick or treat
Aren't they sweet
The cutest ladybug you ever did meet

And that car
It went far
Matthew was a superstar!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  We sure did!

And now.......Thanksgiving!!!!!!