Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seasons of Thanks

strong hands
hearty laugh
broad shoulders that can handle my tears
great smile
kindest spirit

I am thankful for my husband!

rosy cheeks
big brown eyes
lover of music
the most precious giggle you may ever hear
learning to focus on my face when I tell him that I love him

I am thankful for my son! 

determined spirit
toothy grin
sweet face
strong will
the ability to tackle every obstacle in front of her

I am thankful for my daughter!

abounding love
unending grace
replenishing my spirit

I am thankful for my God!

We are surrounded by such an amazing support system.  We are blessed over and over every single day.  In the midst of the storm, our hands are held.  In the middle of celebration, we are covered in well wishes.  This year has been abundant in blessing and thanks.

Many blessings my blogger friends.  Hoping you have much to be thankful for too!

Happy Thanksgiving

~~from us~~~finally a family of four~~~


  1. Love his boots and her bow!

    Great family photo...perhaps the family Christmas card?!