Friday, January 28, 2011

All About Autumn

*She is NOT girly* Her favorite toys are hot wheels* She loves cheetos* Her favorite activity is nodding yes and no* She is rolling over by herself* She loves to dance* I think she will "walk" on her knees* She pretty much has everyone wrapped around her tiny finger* Her feet are still so tiny because she does not bear any weight on them* She cannot wear shoes* This girl LOVES "Wheel of Fortune" Loves it~will stop whatever she is doing and watch it*She signed "more" yesterday for the first time* She cries when I leave a room~~a habit I am trying to break but oh so fond of* She is so very curious of anything and everything* She gets her hand stuck in the door everyday because of her curiosity* She can still take a bath in the sink at sixteen months old* She weighs about 16 lbs* She has three teeth* She has no fear whatsoever* She tried to eat a spider once* She loves to help me with laundry or rather unfold everything I have already folded* Her Pops is her favorite person* Her mommy is her biggest fan* She has the best giggle in the entire world


  1. She is lovely!!

    I love your V's day decorations!

    I am praying for your husband and his father. Keep us updated!

  2. What an adorably cute post AND girl she is. I loved reading all about Autumn in such a fun and clever way. She's a cutie.

    My son, Matthew, LOVES Wheeeeeeel Of Fortune! And he has loved it since he was a baby.