Friday, January 21, 2011

All About Matthew

his favorite color is lime green~he seems to be able to see it *he LOVES Katy Perry * he has a lot of diagnosis but nothing of them really tell you who he is * his daddy is his favorite person * his room is decorated in cowboy theme * he is gaining a lot of control over his head * he really likes his stander * he has probably the coolest nurse ever * he loves when someone sings to him * he laughs when Autumn cries * he likes the sound of a cat * he enjoys being outside but cannot take a lot of direct sunlight * his vision is constantly improving * he is trying to communicate more and more * he has an opinion on American Idol * he laughs when he gets to ride in the car with his window down * he is sooo tall * he has super long eyelashes that many girls are jealous of * his mommy is his biggest fan * when he has his headphones on he sings with the music * he still doesn't really sleep through the night * he hates to be wet or dirty * bath time is one of his favorite activities * he is the most handsome little guy in the world 

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