Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All In Knots

Last week was rough.


It felt like we were in a war we had no idea about and losing badly.  It was one of those weeks that made you want to hide under the covers and wait for it to end.


Brandon has knots on his body.  About twenty to be semi-accurate.  They are small and under the skin.  A few years ago he had one on his hand that needed to be removed.  It was affecting him daily.  The knot was sent off to be checked and came back as just a typical everyday mass.  It just so happens that hand knot had twenty brothers and sisters still remaining on my husband! 

Life has gone on.  Knots there, but not forgotten.  Recently, Brandon found one on his lower back.  It seems to hurt him, and I have nagged and nagged for him to have it looked at~~nagging is one of my best qualities!

Brandon stuck with the "there's nothing to worry about" theme until last week.

Brandon's dad has knots.  He too, has refused to have them checked.  He had one removed on his forehead a while back that was found benign, so that was all she wrote. 

Recently, Brandon's dad has been having some pain.  He is finding it hard to do things, and what was once a single small knot on his chest has grown to the size of a melon and is even under his arm.

Needless to say, we are awaiting a diagnosis.  Prayers are much appreciated! 

Shocked into reality, Brandon went to the doctor.  Being the kind, quiet wife I am~yeah right!~ I joined him.  After family history, his doctor decided Brandon needed to have the knot on his back biopsied and removed.

Did I mention last week was rough?

I didn't want to blog about this.  I did not want to burden any of you.  I am asking for prayers.  Brandon's appointment is in March, and we have faith everything is fine.  Pray anyway!

Thank you, dear blogger friends!

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