Monday, January 17, 2011

Run Brandi, Run

I have decided to run.  I have wanted to be a runner for a long time, and now is as good a time as any.  A friend told me about the Couch-to-5k program, and I have been following it with tons of determination.

The C25K starts you off very easy.  I know that I need to lose some weight, so I have committed myself to six days a week runs.  I break on Sunday.  So far I am loving this!

I have stuck to running inside only as to not scare the public.  Yesterday, I gathered any bravery I could find lying around and took my running outside.  It was a breath of fresh, cold air.  I ran just around our neighborhood, but enjoyed the time I had.  My ipod was, as always, with me playing loud fast songs.  Running outside was a little harder than running inside.  The elements, the cold, and my fear of looking stupid caused me to lose focus quite often.  But I did it!

I am able to block any and everything out.  I focus on the music, the next step, the seconds ticking by.  I am free to go at my own pace.  Its an amazing experience I am sad I only now discovered.

Seven weeks from now, the C25K program will be over, but I will continue to run.

Next step.......maybe I will complete a 5K??


  1. Brandi, I just want to say YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I started running almost two years ago, and I could not go more than a mile without walking. I starting running six days a week and have stuck with it. I have lost 65lbs, and have now complete two marathons. Running has given me so much... health, confidence, "me time"... I think I am a better mother and wife for taking care of myself and for doing something just for me. It is not easy, but I promise if you stick with it, it will be SO worth it. I am proud of you! :)

  2. Good for you,Brandi!! I've always wanted to run, too. You both give me inspiration. =)