Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spit Happens

Or at least it does in our home.

Autumn is a spitter. 





She has no preference.  In the privacy of our home, or the open range of the public eye, when Autumn has to spit~~well its not pretty.

Last night as we were out to dinner, Autumn started spitting.  She spit her beans first.  Then she spit her milk.  Before long, she was just spitting to spit. 

Originally this little quirk was quite cute.  She was proud of her accomplishment, and we were loving all the fun she was having.

That phase ended fairly quickly. 

We scolded her not to spit.  We pointed our finger and sternly told her "no," as we buckled her into her carseat.

The car starts, we think we are in the clear. 

Parents-1 Autumn-0

Do you know what sound we hear from the backseat? 

Yep, you would be ride.  She proceeded to spit all the way home!

So in this house our new motto is:

Spit Happens

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