Tuesday, January 4, 2011



I got a Wii Fit.  I am excited about trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2011.  I also want to shed some..okay...a LOT of weight. 

50 lbs to be exact!

I hooked up the Wii Fit.  I created a chubby little person to represent me.  I was having a blast.

And then it was as if someone knocked the breath out of me. 

The little sweet Wii guy asked me to stand on the board.

I happily obliged.

From the board I hear, "Oohhh!"

It was NOT in a nice way!

A little embarrassed, I let the Wii tell me my weight.

So, yeah, that did not go well.

Then the sweet Wii revealed my body age...

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!


Because this humiliating encounter was in the privacy of my own home (and my children are too young to tell anyone) the Wii can live.  ~~For now~~~

I am resuming all plans to lose weight. 

There will be no crazy diets here.

I will watch what I eat.  I will limit myself in my caffeine consumption~~I am already having withdrawals.

Don't tell anyone, but my secret wish is to be a runner!  Really Really Bad.

So here's to you Wii Fit.  Fifty pounds from now, I expect nothing but pleasantries when I step on you!


  1. I was thinking about getting the Wii Fit as well...
    I'm starting the c25K because I have secret ambitions of being a runner also ;) You should look into it... It's a gradual process and I really like it!!
    Good luck!!! Here's to happy, healthier bodies =)

  2. I made the mistake of getting on the Wii scale when I was really pregnant. It also made rude noises at me and comments about my balance. I made sure I trashtalked right back and took out some hormonal rage on him!