Monday, March 28, 2011

The Color Purple

If you have found yourself redirected here in search of Oprah, I am sad to say you have been guided to the wrong place.

However, if you see her, please tell her I say hello and am in need of a new car!

This Saturday was National Purple Day.

What in the world is Purple Day?

Well, it just so happens to be a wonderful day full of celebrating and raising awareness for those heroes fighting the beast we know as Epilepsy.

This was our first experience with Purple Day.  We rushed to put something together.  Though it was not all fireworks, we had a good turnout.

Purple cupcakes....

Purple juice....

Purple wristbands....

Purple ribbons....

Purple painted t-shirts....

And a very symbolic release of purple balloons.

Our first celebration of Purple Day rocked!!!

Matthew even got to have some serious discussions with his new buddy, Layne!

Thank you to all who helped us celebrate Purple Day this year. 

Maybe next year Oprah will show up!!


  1. So cool! What a great way to spend the day...I'll call you have her number?

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