Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't Take It For Granted

Friendship is one of those rare aspects of life that are often taken for granted. 

I am proud to say I depend on the few true friends I have.  They are my support.  My rock.  My back board.

Thinking about the quality of life when friends are a part of it has a tendency to make me sad.

Will Matthew have that special friend to share things with?

Will he ever be able to share his deepest darkest secrets with anyone other than his ever listening Mommy?

Don't get me wrong~~

I enjoy sharing secrets with my little man. 

He tells me all sorts of fun things.

He shares how he prefers Lady Gaga over Kidz Bop.

He tells me "Yo Gabba Gabba" drives him crazy too.

He whispers about his favorite parts of his day.

I enjoy being his special friend.

However, I hope he never misses out on the small things in life we don't realize are important.

Will he have anyone in the community that understands him the way we do?

Don't get me wrong...

Matthew has a HUGE fan base.

His family, his girlfriend nurse Josie, his therapists, and a handful of doctors are quite smitten with him.

What about someone to share his toys with?  What about sleepovers?  Will he receive invitations to birthday parties?

Pity party anyone????

Honestly though, I do worry.

I want my children to be accepted in every aspect of life.

I know that alone is a dream that will have to fought for to be accomplished.

I will never feel ashamed or incomplete if we are forever Matthew's special friends.  I will be completely honored if he chooses to share his sweet special kisses and amazing secrets with just us.

I just hope that we will never take for granted one of life's little secrets known as friendship.

"I get by with a little help from my friends."
- John Lennon

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