Sunday, March 20, 2011

Invisibility Power

Matthew has a new superpower.

Aside from being irresistibly cute and cuddly, he is now mastering the power of invisibility illness.

Let me explain...

About a week ago, our sweet boy started becoming very irritable.  The normal calm child of ours was replaced with this boy who wanted nothing but to cry uncontrollably and be snuggled at all times.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all things involving snuggling my children; however, Matthew is not generally a snuggler.  He prefers his own personal space, much like his mother. 

So we went through the list...

Teething....possible but does not generally cause this amount of pain
Toxicity from meds....nothing has been changed recently enough to produce this result
Tummy trouble....always but our GI does not seem to see things our way
Fever...nope not even a little bit

By Wednesday, Matthew was crying to the point that sitting on the porch in the wind for a few hours only calmed him for a minute or so. 

It was awful.

Matthew is not a fan of sleeping through the night, but by Friday night sleep had not come much at all.  He was getting roughly six hours in an entire day. 

Friday night he screamed and cried until finally passing out with the help of his sleep medicine.

Saturday resulted in holding him All. Day. Long.

Saturday night I was at wit's end and caledl the on call pediatrician.  After much deliberation, we decided to take a journey this morning to the hospital for blood work.

Matthew is not a fan of having blood taken either.  Luckily, these women  were well trained and very accommodating to our little guy. 

The doctor also called for an urine analysis.  The hospital did not have the right equipment to cath Matthew.  This is a blessing as well as a curse.  I hate my children being cathed.  Its painful to watch and heart wrenching to not be able to help. So, this resulted in a pee "catch all." 

Don't you just love my medical terminology? 

Have you ever had to urinate for a doctor and not need to?  Knowing you need to produce something for someone is almost begging your body to not do the job at hand.  Well, try explaining this to a two year old.


Three to be exact is how long it took to get just enough for an analysis.

So across the street to the doctor's office we went waiting on results.







Are you kidding me?

So, now I am trying very hard to not go completely insane.  My mommy gut is telling me there is something going on; however, by all accounts there is nothing showing up.

That leaves an invisible illness....

I have several theories that I just need to convince one of our ever expanding specialist of.

Ahh...the life of a special needs mom....

So as I type this our sweet little guy is still crying.

For no visible reason!!

Of all the superpowers to possess this is not one I am a huge fan of.

Just saying....


  1. Thanks for following! I am looking forward to reading your site. It looks like you have some tough stuff going on right now - thoughts and prayers are with you. And...adorable little kids!

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