Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy Knows Best

I have always believed in the mythical monster that is "mommy intuition."

When we brought Matthew home, I was unsure how it related to adoptive moms. 

Didn't we miss nine full months of bonding?  Matthew was six months old when he came home.  We missed fifteen full months of bonding.

I followed my gut on many occasions.

I crossed my fingers....
and my toes.....
Wished on a lucky star...
And prayed for the best!

Today's story, however, is a little different.

Matthew has been on Phenobabital for almost eighteen months now.  Phenobarb is an anti-seizure medication.  Originally we saw fewer seizures. 

That was short lived.

The seizure monster visited our home twenty times a day.  Each day was worse than the one before. 

Each visit to our neurologist brought the same questions:

"Can we try a different medication?"  ~~~No
"Can we wean Phenobarb?"   ~~~~No

We were defeated.

Sometimes, circumstances have a funny way of turning out.

I went to refill Matthew's Phenobarb prescription.  It would be ready on Saturday. 

Well folks, I forgot!!!!

Yes, that's right.  I cried and cried.  I have never forgotten a medication. 

I called all around.  No one had the right dosage.  I called the neurologist. 

Luckily, we don't throw out medications often.  We tried Klonipin a few months back and saw not-so-nice results.  We held onto it in case of emergencies.

The Neuro agreed we could take the Klonipin until we refilled the Phenobarb.  That would be a total of three days.

By Monday morning, Matthew had been without Phenobarb for a full 72 hours.  His therapist commented on how alert he was.  He rolled from his side to his back.  He rolled from his side to his belly.  These were milestones we had not seen since starting the Ketogenic Diet.

After stating my case and being repreminaded for it, our neuro finally agreed we could stay on the Klonipin for now.  We will be starting Clonzapam this week in the last stages of quitting the Ketogenic Diet

~~~at least for now but that is a whole other post~~~~

On Saturday Matthew was laying on the couch.  This is his usual nap time spot.  He has been very alert and only sleeping a few minutes at a time.  This has resulted in full nights of sleep!  Yippeee!!!! 

While my mother-in-law, my grandmother-in-law, my brother-in-law, Brandon, and I all caught up Matthew was thinking up an amazing plan.


And it was just like that.  He rolled from his belly, off the couch, and onto the floor.  He was super fast!

After inspecting for injuries, I cried.  Bawled is probably more appropriate. 

Then I celebrated! 

Rolling was something we were assured would never happen.

Its amazing how one medication can fog up your life.  My mommy intuition knew all along. 
It is irrelevant how much time was missed in the beginning.  He was created for us and us for him.

I love that sweet boy of mine!


  1. Happy tears! Yay Matthew!!! Your family deserved a little sunshine. And yes, momma, YOU know best. Trust that forever!

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