Monday, March 21, 2011


One of the hardest diagnoses to understand and explain is Schizencephaly.

Matthew has Bilateral open-lipped Schizencephaly.

Yeah, I are asking "What?"

Well Schizencephaly (meaning split-brain) is an extremely rare developmental birth defect characterized by abnormal clefts in the cerebral hemispheres of the brain.


We think Matthew is pretty rare!  He is unlike any other little boy on the planet!

Most diagnosed with Schizencephaly expereince developmental delays, language delays, and seizures.  It has also been related to blindness. 

Needless to say it is a big word with little common knowledge known to how it relates to Matthew.

We cannot isolate any one of Matthew's indiviual needs to any one diagnosis.  Matthew is constantly keeping us on our toes with his varying degrees on medcial need.

Schizencephaly occurs during the first to fifth month of gestation. 

Some affected have normal intelligence.  This is another spectrum disorder with varying degrees of severity.

There are few resources availbe regarding Schizencephaly.  Some of the most influential information I have received have been from parents with "Schiz" kids. 

As always, we do not allow Matthew's diangoses dictate his life.  He is our little man, first and foremost.  He is strong and beautiful.  He is sweet and tenderhearted.  He loves the sound of Cookie Monster and the music of The Beatles.

For more information on Schizencephaly try here or here.


  1. I just found your blog have a 6 month old diagnosed with bilateral Schizencephaly. I am so interested in reading your blog about your children. There is much to be learned about how this will affect our little girl.

  2. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, that’s not why I am writing this post. My child six years ago, was born with Bi-lateral closed lip schizepcephaly, which is even more unique than the regular cases. Due to this disability, she also developed Cerebral Palsy affecting the left side of her body. We’ve learned the part of her brain which has been affected has also impaired her ability to reason. We’ve been lucky so far though it affects everyone differently and she had been on the very mild side of everything. Another thing we had to dealt with much are seizures. She was highly prone to having one or multiples and we’ve seemed to look out with some petite mals when she was younger and they occurred in her sleep more than any other time.
    Luckily, everything seemed to be okay after she took an Herbal Medicine. I wish I could say that’s the end of it because she havn't had any symptoms since then.
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