Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cadbury Dreams

Happy Easter blogger friends.

We had an amazing Easter on our side of the world. 

The weather held off just long enough for us to enjoy our day, and boy did we!

On Saturday night we dyed eggs.  Okay, well we tried to dye eggs.  We all sat down on an Easter themed table cloth with “boo koos” of fun decorating ideas I had looked up all week long.  My brothers joined us, and the fun began.

Autumn didn’t mind dyeing eggs.  However, she preferred to just pretend the cupcake pans were all her personal watering bowls, and she just licked up the dye.  Yep not kidding!  Pictures to prove it!

We were almost done with our first two and a half dozen when we dropped one.  This is where the story gets er, sticky.  Apparently in my awesomeness I had placed all of the eggs in the pan.  I had taken all of the eggs out of the pan.  I had just forgot to turn the pan on!  You guessed it!  They were raw.  At this point we had cranky and hungry children who were bored. 
Needless to say, I stayed up late dyeing the remaining eight, yes eight, dozen eggs.

Sunday morning we awoke to find the Easter bunny had come by for a visit.  Our Easter baskets were full of goodies.

We headed out to church in our Easter best, and followed that with a yummy lunch with the Nanas.

Autumn had her first ever encounter with hunting eggs, but like with everything else she was a quick learner.  She had a blast finding the eggs.         

Matthew enjoyed his Easter as well.  He held his eggs with the greatest of ease.  He shared his smiles with the world on Easter Sunday, which we were grateful for.  

Did I mention they looked precious?

After a quick change at home we headed to MaoMao's and Papa's house.  We hunted eggs again, but this time we were trying to beat the weather. 

After a long day, we tucked our full bunnies into bed and let them drift off to dream cadbury dreams.
Happy Easter from our bunnies to yours!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Bliss is.....

Waking up to this smile every morning!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy (Belated Post) Birthday Janie

They say some people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Well, when I first met this particular person, I honestly felt our meeting would be brief.  

She was my polar opposite.  

We were at different paths in life.  This was not a friendship I was looking to invest a lot of time or effort into.

Well, fast forward three years.  Yesterday my very best friend had a birthday. 

Yes, my polar opposite was exactly what I needed in life.
We tend to level each other out.  
Janie turned 20 yesterday.  As I am fast approaching 30 my sweet friend is just now entering 20.

Some things in life are just not fair!

Age has never played a factor in our friendship.  Janie has lived far beyond her years. 

In celebration of our unbelievable lifetime of friendship and her very special day, here are the top 20 things I love most about Janie:

20.          She does not care about what people think of her.  She speaks her mind all the time. 
19.          She is the only person who can pull an all nighter when you are up with a sick snotty feverish
                Kid and still make it seem like we are having a blast.
18.          She is proud of who she is and where she comes from.  She wears it openly. 

17.          She can randomly quote 80s and 90s movies though out the day to meet
                The situation.  She can also understand when I am the one doing the quoting.
16.          She laughs at my jokes.  Even when they are not funny.
15.          She hates eggs. And milk.  Not one of my favorite things about her, I just find this
                Very interesting.
14.          She likes to pretend she is rough and tough but truly has a heart of gold.  When given

                The opportunity, Janie is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.

13.          She stands up for what is right regardless of what others may think.

12.          She. Is. Fun.

11.          She second guesses herself.  She is generally right, but her self conscious nature allows her
                To be vulnerable.

10.           She is 100% in love with her husband.  She is committed to her life and what she wants.
9.            She still watches cartoons. 

8.            She has a wicked sense of humor.  She makes me laugh literally all the time.
7.            She accepts my children, and all children with special needs equally. 
6.            She is hot tempered.  She is quick to anger.  It is because of how passionate she is.
5.            She gets people.  Really gets them.  To the core.
4.            The girl can eat!!!
3.            She’s a girl’s girl and a guy’s guy.  She can paint her nails and bait a line. 
2.            She accepts me with all of my flaws each and every day.  She supports my dreams
                And helps me achieve them.
1.            With her gentle spirit and undying love, she will make an unbelievable mother. 

                Even though we are not “talking” about their big plans, I am excited about
                What they will do with their lives soon enough.  Watch out world! 

Thank you Janie for being my friend.  I celebrate you on your special day.  I am blessed you are a lifetime friend of mine.  You make my world brighter.  You allow me to laugh and whine without asking questions.  I love you, dear friend.  Happiest Birthday Ever.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, our sweet Autumn came home.

I cannot even believe it has been that long already  It seems like just yesterday, this tiny rosy cheeked girl with a smile that would light up a room came into our lives.  Now we have a full blown eighteen month old diva who runs this roost!

She is changing daily. 
Her hair is starting to thicken up and curl.  
(Excuse me while I giggle just a little)
 She is bright and beautiful.

She is our world!


Happy Home-aversary Autumn.  
We are so very blessed to have you in our lives!

Friday, April 22, 2011

To My Husband

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eight years

Of marriage


I am one of the lucky few who found the person I wanted to share my life with at a young age.  He was everything I wanted.  Everything I needed.  And then more.  

Over the last eight years of marriage, Brandon has continued to make me laugh, listen to me nag, be my shoulder to cry on, hide the remote, and be my very best friend.

My days are better because of him  I am a lucky lucky girl.

Don't get me wrong!  The guy still will not eat cauliflower and refuses to put his dirty clothes in the hamper.  However, after eight years of marriage, he has managed to put his dirty clothes beside the hamper so I guess that's something!

Here's to you babe.  You have made me the luckiest woman in the world.  You have blessed me with two beautiful children and a lifetime of memories.

I love you more today than ever.

Happy Anniversary to the most handsome, the funniest, the sweetest, the most lovable, the best father, and the overall best husband in the world!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Picture this...

Last night I am making dinner....okay, well actually I am tearing up a piece of pizza that the nice pizza delivery man delivered to my door.  But still...Dinner Is Served!

I hear my daughter playing.  She is rolling around the house in wheel chair.

Warning people:  If you are planning to visit, Autumn has mastered the different levels of our flooring.  She is a pro at maneuvering her chair.  She, however, has not mastered understanding where people's feet are.  So please wear steel toe anything!!!

Suddenly my mommy warning goes up.  There is no longer any sound coming from where I last heard Autumn.  I started the search. 

She was not in the usual "Autumn hiding spots."  That is when my heart started to pound.  The sweat started to gather on my neck.  My pulse quickened.  

Suddenly, from out of nowhere I heard a giggle. 

What you like to see where I found Autumn?

Yes folks!!  That would be Autumn hiding under the dining table!

This game of "peek-a-boo" went on for quite a while!

She would roll under the table...wait an appropriate amount of time and the peek to see if I was still there.

And then we would roll right on out and give the camera a big cheesey grin.....

Like this one!!!!

But soon enough a tantrum ensued, because my sweet girl was giving in to the pizza temptation!

And when dealing with this kind of diva, she usually gets what she wants!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Tonka Turns Two

Matthew had a fantastic 2nd birthday party!

People came from all over to help us "construct" a fabulously fun party!

There was climbing...

And suckers...

And kisses....

And friends...

There were presents, oh the presents...

And smiles....

And girlfriends....

And your very own hard hats!

We all had a blast, and Matthew was so excited!

But my favorite part?

Well..... Matthew decided that at his birthday party his was going to be his usual cutiepatootie of himself and give his mommy a present.  As we sang "Happy Birthday" he smiled his irresistible smile.  We gave him a piece of cake and put his hand in it so we would have pictures.  Little did we know that my mastermind of a son was cooking up a really doosie.  Within a few seconds he decided he needed another bite.  He lowered his hand ever so slowly, smashed his "smash" cake, lifted his cake covered hand to his mouth where chewing ensued!

Yes folks, I cried!!

All in all....A perfect day!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Matthew becoming a big boy, though I am refusing to admit such a thing.  And to the ones that could not be there, we missed you and know you were there in spirit!