Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cadbury Dreams

Happy Easter blogger friends.

We had an amazing Easter on our side of the world. 

The weather held off just long enough for us to enjoy our day, and boy did we!

On Saturday night we dyed eggs.  Okay, well we tried to dye eggs.  We all sat down on an Easter themed table cloth with “boo koos” of fun decorating ideas I had looked up all week long.  My brothers joined us, and the fun began.

Autumn didn’t mind dyeing eggs.  However, she preferred to just pretend the cupcake pans were all her personal watering bowls, and she just licked up the dye.  Yep not kidding!  Pictures to prove it!

We were almost done with our first two and a half dozen when we dropped one.  This is where the story gets er, sticky.  Apparently in my awesomeness I had placed all of the eggs in the pan.  I had taken all of the eggs out of the pan.  I had just forgot to turn the pan on!  You guessed it!  They were raw.  At this point we had cranky and hungry children who were bored. 
Needless to say, I stayed up late dyeing the remaining eight, yes eight, dozen eggs.

Sunday morning we awoke to find the Easter bunny had come by for a visit.  Our Easter baskets were full of goodies.

We headed out to church in our Easter best, and followed that with a yummy lunch with the Nanas.

Autumn had her first ever encounter with hunting eggs, but like with everything else she was a quick learner.  She had a blast finding the eggs.         

Matthew enjoyed his Easter as well.  He held his eggs with the greatest of ease.  He shared his smiles with the world on Easter Sunday, which we were grateful for.  

Did I mention they looked precious?

After a quick change at home we headed to MaoMao's and Papa's house.  We hunted eggs again, but this time we were trying to beat the weather. 

After a long day, we tucked our full bunnies into bed and let them drift off to dream cadbury dreams.
Happy Easter from our bunnies to yours!

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  1. Hi
    My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Sounds like you all had a great Easter, and that both kids had a great day. u have amazing kids. Matthew is handsome and Autumn is beautiful.
    I was born with disabilities and a rare life threatening disease.