Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy (Belated Post) Birthday Janie

They say some people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Well, when I first met this particular person, I honestly felt our meeting would be brief.  

She was my polar opposite.  

We were at different paths in life.  This was not a friendship I was looking to invest a lot of time or effort into.

Well, fast forward three years.  Yesterday my very best friend had a birthday. 

Yes, my polar opposite was exactly what I needed in life.
We tend to level each other out.  
Janie turned 20 yesterday.  As I am fast approaching 30 my sweet friend is just now entering 20.

Some things in life are just not fair!

Age has never played a factor in our friendship.  Janie has lived far beyond her years. 

In celebration of our unbelievable lifetime of friendship and her very special day, here are the top 20 things I love most about Janie:

20.          She does not care about what people think of her.  She speaks her mind all the time. 
19.          She is the only person who can pull an all nighter when you are up with a sick snotty feverish
                Kid and still make it seem like we are having a blast.
18.          She is proud of who she is and where she comes from.  She wears it openly. 

17.          She can randomly quote 80s and 90s movies though out the day to meet
                The situation.  She can also understand when I am the one doing the quoting.
16.          She laughs at my jokes.  Even when they are not funny.
15.          She hates eggs. And milk.  Not one of my favorite things about her, I just find this
                Very interesting.
14.          She likes to pretend she is rough and tough but truly has a heart of gold.  When given

                The opportunity, Janie is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.

13.          She stands up for what is right regardless of what others may think.

12.          She. Is. Fun.

11.          She second guesses herself.  She is generally right, but her self conscious nature allows her
                To be vulnerable.

10.           She is 100% in love with her husband.  She is committed to her life and what she wants.
9.            She still watches cartoons. 

8.            She has a wicked sense of humor.  She makes me laugh literally all the time.
7.            She accepts my children, and all children with special needs equally. 
6.            She is hot tempered.  She is quick to anger.  It is because of how passionate she is.
5.            She gets people.  Really gets them.  To the core.
4.            The girl can eat!!!
3.            She’s a girl’s girl and a guy’s guy.  She can paint her nails and bait a line. 
2.            She accepts me with all of my flaws each and every day.  She supports my dreams
                And helps me achieve them.
1.            With her gentle spirit and undying love, she will make an unbelievable mother. 

                Even though we are not “talking” about their big plans, I am excited about
                What they will do with their lives soon enough.  Watch out world! 

Thank you Janie for being my friend.  I celebrate you on your special day.  I am blessed you are a lifetime friend of mine.  You make my world brighter.  You allow me to laugh and whine without asking questions.  I love you, dear friend.  Happiest Birthday Ever.

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