Thursday, April 21, 2011


Picture this...

Last night I am making dinner....okay, well actually I am tearing up a piece of pizza that the nice pizza delivery man delivered to my door.  But still...Dinner Is Served!

I hear my daughter playing.  She is rolling around the house in wheel chair.

Warning people:  If you are planning to visit, Autumn has mastered the different levels of our flooring.  She is a pro at maneuvering her chair.  She, however, has not mastered understanding where people's feet are.  So please wear steel toe anything!!!

Suddenly my mommy warning goes up.  There is no longer any sound coming from where I last heard Autumn.  I started the search. 

She was not in the usual "Autumn hiding spots."  That is when my heart started to pound.  The sweat started to gather on my neck.  My pulse quickened.  

Suddenly, from out of nowhere I heard a giggle. 

What you like to see where I found Autumn?

Yes folks!!  That would be Autumn hiding under the dining table!

This game of "peek-a-boo" went on for quite a while!

She would roll under the table...wait an appropriate amount of time and the peek to see if I was still there.

And then we would roll right on out and give the camera a big cheesey grin.....

Like this one!!!!

But soon enough a tantrum ensued, because my sweet girl was giving in to the pizza temptation!

And when dealing with this kind of diva, she usually gets what she wants!!

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