Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Only a Mommy can wipe a dirty bottom while wrangling a squirming child and carry on a conversation

Only a Mommy can automatically know when quiet is "too quiet" and the children are officially up to something

Only a Mommy can distinguish what cry means hungry versus tired...and the always fun over stimulated cry

Only a Mommy can lose all sense of embarrassment in order to keep the sanity of a two-year old while grocery shopping by singing and acting out "I'm A Little Tea Pot."

   We shop on Fridays folks, in case you wanted to see the show

Only a Mommy can function on little sleep with little sanity and still function with a pot of coffee and a lot of sweet drooly kisses from two delightfully delicious babies!!

He blessed me by marrying me.

He made me a mother.

She completed our family.

We had a magical Mother's Day!!!

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