Monday, July 11, 2011

Petitie Picasso

Recently I decided it was time to introduce paint to my children.

It was, ummmm, interesting!

No, really we had a blast!!

First we painted some pictures for Daddy!  Autumn wasn't super impressed with the texture and feel of painting, but she did a really great job! 

Originally we hadn't painted before because i wasn't entirely sure how to incorporate Matthew into crafts.  I was worried that I would not succeed in showing him "fun with crafts."

Well, I was tired of worrying!!

And it was a success!!

So how do you paint with a child that has little use of his hands?

 You use your feet of course!!

Later we made puffy paint!  If you have patience and an adventurous side, then try puffy paint with you kids!  It is actually a lot of fun!

The recipe is super easy too:

1 tbsp of self rising flour
1 tbsp of salt
Enough water to make a paste
Food coloring

We used cupcake pans to put the different colors.  It worked out really well.

After you are done painting, put your art in the microwave for 5-15 seconds (NO LONGER) and it will puff up!!!

Now our walls are adorned with priceless masterpieces worthy of Picasso.

My lil Petite Picassos are having so much fun with arts are crafts this summer!!


  1. I love this post! And we are so going to try the puffy paint soon!

  2. Beautiful and so creative. You have two lucky children. Most moms don't take the time for fun things that require a lot of clean up.