Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sensory Battle

Sensory is hard!!!

If you know me personally, you have heard these three words often.  Would you like to know why?  Because it is the truth!!

Autumn has Sensory Processing Disorder.  It truly affects every day of her life.  From the over stimulation in a crowded store to the need to eat the exact same thing for breakfast each and every day, sensory stinks!!

Case in point....

Autumn loves Yo Gabba Gabba!  LOVES!!  We are such fans that even Brandon and I can be caught singing along.  Its very entertaining to see two grown adults doing the dancey dances and singing the songs, but...well....that is reality here.

We went grocery shopping the other day and stumbled upon what I thought was something amazing.  Our store had a Brobee stuffed animal!!!  I was so excited to find this.  It was like finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow in our house!

Can we say "Mom of the Year!!"

That was until, Sensory reared its ugly head.  You see, Autumn hates stuffed animals.  We are not talking about a general little lack of interest.  They terrify her.  She screams and takes off the entire opposite direction. 

In my head I thought we could win one over on Sensory.  Surely Yo Gabba Gabba overtakes the hate of stuffed animals.

I.  Was.  Wrong!

There we were in the middle of the store with a screaming toddler because of a stuffed animal. 

My heart broke. 

I decided then and there it was time to overcome Sensory.  Our wonderful occupational therapist brought Autumn a sensory box one day.  Autumn seemed to enjoy playing with it.  I opted to be crafty-mom for a while and made a few sensory boxes of our own. 

Believe it or is the best $5.00 toy ever!  Autumn plays with her boxes for hours!

Its so simple too!  We took a $1.00 bin from Wal-Mart.  We filled it with $2.00 worth of beans.  I added a scooper and a cup we had here.  Then I found some dollar store toys to go in there.


We even made a water sensory box too!  It has a few foam fish stickers, a few scooper toys, and sponges that I cut to look like fish.  We add a little water to it when its time to play.


If you have a child that struggles with sensory, I highly recommend making a few sensory boxes.  It is a wonderful, easy project that really works!!

And I do believe we will win this Sensory battle one box at a time!!!

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