Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There are moments when I find myself simply speechless.

If you know me, then you know this instance does not happen often.

However, I had a moment this past week where I was simply lost for words.

My children were referred to as victims.



If you are an avid blog reader of mine or simply someone in our community then you are well aware of the awesomeness that are my children. 

I understand that to the outside, special needs as a whole seem to be a group that is often pitied. 

On the inside of this tight-nit community, it is a completely different story.

They are not victims. 

They are survivors.

Each and every special needs person I have met, virtually or in person, young or old, have fought their own personal war.  They carry their scars with pride.  They envelope a sense of acceptance and hope to those who know them best.

They have survived!

Some of the strongest people I know come in tiny, sometimes broken, packages.

I mean really, have you met my children?!

It hurts my heart that society views special needs in a lacking manner.  We don't lack for anything!  I am blessed each and every day watching my children learn something new.  


For the record....

Special needs are not weak~~~they have more strength than you may ever understand
Special needs are not lacking~~they possess more spunk and courage than most people I know
Special needs are not quiet~~Sometimes you don't have to say a word to speak volumes
Special needs are not fragile~~God gave them some extra fight
Special needs are not victims~~they are survivors

When you find yourself feeling pity for a person with extra needs, remember this:


  1. My new favorite quote -

    "A handicap is an added burden given to a superior contender to equalize the contest."

    How awesome is that?? Noah is definitely my superior contender. :)

  2. This is a beautiful post and everything you said is sooo true! How dare they call them victims!

    PS: the pictures of your kids painting are adorable, and the video is amazing!

  3. I love this post, it's so true, inside our community special needs are looked at entirely differently aren't they? No question. I am amazed whenever i see one, they make me smile because of the strength and hope they stand emit.

    I saw this quote on Pinterest and I LOVE it.

    And Erin, I love your new favorite quote ;), how lucky am I to have introduced you to a new favorite! Glad you are also making it other's favorites too!

  4. Thanks guys!!!
    Shannon~~I follow you on Pinterest!! I love your pins!
    Erin~~I saw that quote and loved it too! I'm framing it on the kid's walls!!
    The Henrys~~Thanks!! We had a blast painting!!! Thanks for reading!!

  5. perfect post and love the quote.
    Thanks so much for visiting Junior's blog, he is my little hero and most certainly not a victim. God bless.