Monday, July 25, 2011



Or lack there of, actually...

Autumn is still not picking up on words as quickly as we would like. 

Don't misunderstand, Autumn communicates well.

She is very vocal about what she wants.  She is quick to make you aware when she is unhappy.

She just simply doesn't use her words.

We started with her speech therapist today, but Autumn was not impressed.  She was not impressed with his toys.  She did not want to play.

And as you know, Autumn generally runs this roost!

In our house, though, we have come to understand Autumn's hidden clues when she is trying to communicate. 

And for your viewing pleasure, today I am sharing our secrets with all of you!!!

Are you excited?

Can you hardly stand it?

I did not get my way!

I know that I am super cute, and now so do you!

I got caught doing something I wasn't supposed to.

See, I can be girly.
Granted this only lasted a split second.

 Done.  Just done!

Exactly what did you want me to do?

That is what she says when she sees the camera. 

This is her reaction to food she doesn't like.

Mom, no more pictures!

And now, I'm just plain mad.

And this look my friends, is our super sweet Autumn being Autumn!!!

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  1. It's amazing how much can be communicated without words.
    Great pictures!