Wednesday, August 3, 2011

P is for...well...Pee!

I try to keep things on this blog family-friendly.

Today, however, this post is all about....


We have been anxiously awaiting for today's Urology appointment.  We traveled to Scottish Rite to find out just what was wrong with Autumn's bladder.

The answer....

At this point nothing!

A sonogram on her kidneys was preformed today, and our Urologist felt confident there was nothing going on.

We do have to watch for certain things:

Any sign of a UTI with fever will land us back in with another appointment.
We have to follow up every six months for the time being.
We are not completely out of the woods.

But, good news is good news!

All tuckered out on the way home!
Do you know what that means, blogger friends?

Tomorrow marks a very important day in our home.  We will start potty training!

I know Autumn is still a little young.

But this girl hates...HATES to be wet or dirty!

So today, after the good news we celebrated with a treat for our sweet girl!

YO GABBA GABBA big girl panties!!!

So here we go into the land of potty training toddlers!  I'm not entirely sure we will make it out alive, but I am confident it shall be entertaining and blog worthy!


  1. Hooray for a great bladder! Potty training, how exciting! You go girls!

  2. Sending some bloggy love from your new follower =)

    Hope you can follow me back