Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am very blessed.

God blessed Brandon and I with two beautiful children, who I happen to think are very awesome.
I was able to marry my best friend.  He makes me laugh every single day.
My family is supportive and encouraging.

That's why it is so hard for me to talk about one aspect of living in this special world that hurts my heart.

When we began our special journey I read a lot.  One of the common themes I discovered lingered on losing friends when your kids have medical needs.

I honestly thought that was bogus!

I was wrong.

It is not that the friends I had before no longer want to be in our lives.  It is not that they don't like us.  It is not even that we don't have anything in common.

People just change.

I actually think we are the ones that changed.  Friday nights are no longer spontaneous.  A friendly get together with friends now involves suction machines, feeding pumps, emergency medications, extra clothes, and of course timing the next poopisode.

We are hard to sit for dinner in a crowded restaurant due to two wheelchairs. 

We are not exactly desirable friend applicants.

I don't blame anyone.  I don't generally get my feelings hurt.

I just seem to get rather lonely from time to time. 

Please don't misunderstand:

I have AMAZING friends. 

What people failed to mention, when they spoke of losing friends, was the beauty of the true friendships that happen in this special world.  The friends you make are precious.

The people who listen to your ranting phone calls about doctor appointments, therapies, and insurance are the ones you want to keep.

The people who see your children for the beauty that God created and not the diagnosis that is present are irreplaceable. 

And, again, I am very blessed.

There are just some days when the invitation for a play date doesn't come or the coffee is drunk solely by me, that I have a tinge of sadness. 

And it is in that moment I make the decision to do something about it.  I drink the coffee alone.  I mean, really, if you have seen me in the afternoon wired on a pot of coffee you know this is true.  I have play dates of my own.  I blog to you, my blogger friends.

And I remember that God puts the people in my life that I need. 

And once again, I remember,

I am truly blessed. 

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  1. Absolutely true, great post!! And we are happy that you share your family on your blog, we all need to stick together!!