Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iPad Apps

Several months ago, we were blessed by our local Texas Commission for the Blind with a iPad for Matthew.

When it was first being discussed we honestly weren't sure if Matthew would respond.  During an annual Vision evaluation, and iPad was brought out. 

Matthew went nuts!!  He reached for the piano that was being shown.  He giggled.  He cooed!

I was sold.

I immediately began researching apps that would work for him and Autumn.  I read blogs and asked around.

Since receiving the iPad, we have become quite dependent upon it.  Autumn has gained many vocabulary skills and can now identify a goat, donkey, bird, cat, dog, and plane. 

I think having an overbearing mommy, like me, helps with vocabulary, but I do think the iPad has encouraged speech.

If you are considering an iPad for your child, it is most definitely an investment worth your time.

Here are some of our favorite apps:

For Matthew

Baby Piano Lite (Free)
         This app uses bright colors.  You can either play as a traditional piano or with animal sounds.  This is the first app we saw Matthew respond to.

Look Baby (Free)
           This app offers four different games.  You can tickle a teddy bear.  You can pop bubbles.  You can watch as a butterfly changes colors.  You can even make the shapes jump around.  It is easy to maneuver and works with the slightest touch.

I <3 Fireworks
             This app is one of my favorites.  All that is needed is a simple touch and fireworks start to shoot off.  You can record your fireworks and play them to music.  This app is used quite often.

Fart Piano
             Yes, really!  There isn't much more information needed.  But trust me, lots of giggles happen!

I Hear Ewe
            This app was suggested by our vision therapist.  He used it during a session with Matthew, and Matthew seemed to really respond.  With this app there are three pages loaded with animals and transportation.  Clicking on a square makes the iPad come to life with the sound of the picture.  So far we know that Matthew likes elephants, helicopters, and fish!

Story Mouse
           This app is free for the first book, but each additional book is paid for.  This app gives you the option to read the book or have it read to you.

Twinkle Star
           This app also reads the nursery rhyme.  We are only using the lite version.  I believe with the full version there are more options. 

Oh The Thinks
             This is a favorite Dr. Suess book brought to life by the touch of the iPad.  It can be read to you, read it yourself, or auto play.  If you choose "read to me" you are required to tap the picture.

            This app if a lot like the fireworks app.  All it takes is a slight touch and the screen comes alive.  Matthew likes to paint with this app.  Each time you pick up your finger the shape that you are painting changes.  It really is a neat app.

Jingle (Christmas)
            This app responds to the Jingle book and dog sold around Christmas. 

Rattle (Christmas)
           This app has the sun moving around the screen with presents and such falling.  You can shake or touch.

For Autumn

Itsy Bitsy (Lite version)
       This is a household favorite.  The classic nursery rhyme comes to life.  There are also little things you can do such as collect eggs, put hats on the spider, or (Autumn's favorite) splash water from the drain.

Bus (Lite version)
      The Wheels on the Bus is a lot of fun.  You have to use motor skills to open the bus doors, or help the wipers go side to side.

Elmo ABCs (Lite version)
         With the lite version of this, you can really on play with letters A, B, and C.  But Autumn has learned the alphabet with the help of Elmo.

Animal Phone
         Autumn can have her very own conversation with Graham the Gorilla. 

Sound Touch Lite
          This is the app that has allowed Autumn to learn about animals.  You touch a picture, and the corresponding animal will make its sound.  It is a lot like " I Hear Ewe" but the pictures are of real animals, cars, etc not cartoon pictures.

         This is a funny app!  You play peek a boo with the monkey.  He will spit out you, kiss you, and hide from you.  You can even make him dance.

Kids Music
         With this app, there are many many different options to play.  We are still learning what we can do as Autumn finds one she likes and then sticks with it.

For Mommy

Moms with Apps
     This free app organizes apps into different categories that make it easy to see what might work for you.  You can even set up a wishlist.

         Really, need I say more. 

All in all, if you are looking into getting an iPad, believe me when I say it is totally worth it.

We also have the first season of Spongebob (yeah, I know) that we use for Matthew when he is doing tummy time.  I think it might be time to add some new cartoons, but we don't fix what isn't broken around here.  :)

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