Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tummy Trouble

Matthew has been having some tummy trouble recently. 

These problems came to head this past week, landing us in the hospital. 

It all started several months ago.  Matthew has always had some tummy issues.  They go hand-in-hand with low mobility and some of his other diagnoses.  This time, however, we needed help.
In the end of October, Matthew weighed almost thirty pounds!  He was growing at a good rate, and our dietician actually suggested slowing things down a bit.  By the end of December, Matthew weighed a little over twenty-five pounds.
October 2011 A healthy 30 lbs
December 2011

Yep, our little guy was sick.  His ribs were protruding.  He threw up all day.  He was miserable, uncomfortable, and in pain. 

My heart ached.  Our pediatrician requested an Upper GI and a Delayed Gastric Emptying test. 

We headed to Dallas Children's on January 3rd for the the Upper GI with small bowel. 

We immediately knew he had reflux.  It was very evident.  We started chatting up the tech in Radiology, and were discussing what we thought was going to happen next. 

Sometimes, God provides you with the people you need.  Sometimes, his miracles are so big. 

The tech in Radiology proved God's mercy to us.  She, without hesitation, put a gj tube back for Matthew in case we ended up needing it.  She even notified her boss and put his name on it.

After the Upper GI, we traveled over to the GI's office.  We begged to speak with someone.

Several hours later, and many tears shed in front of complete strangers, we got to speak with a nurse.  She informed us on what the plan was, and told us that our GI would see us Friday after our other test.

By Thursday, we were on the phone with the GI again.  She asked us to do a bowel "clean out" to insure Matthew was not just constipated.

We obliged.
He was not constipated.

So off we traveled again.  Friday morning found us having our Delayed Gastric Emptying test done.  By lunch we were in our GI's office.

She was alarmed at Matthew's weight loss.  We were being admitted.

We barely had time to get acquainted with our nurses before we were whisked to Radiology.  We were assured Matthew would get a gj tube on Monday.  But God has his hand over our sweet boy.  The Radiologist from Tuesday recognized our name.  She called our floor and told them she could squeeze us in.

And Matthew became the proud owner of a new gj tube. 

By Saturday morning, Matthew was rocking his gj tube and tolerating the new formula.

We were switched from Pediasure 1.5 with fiber to Peptamin Junior 1.5.

The doctors were truly impressed.

And what began as a sure four to five day hospital stay lasted a mere twenty-four hours.  

We headed home!!

Matthew is a rockstar.

We are not out of the woods yet.  The next few months will be much stress over calorie intake, Matthew's output, and weight.

But in the end, our guy will be healthy.

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