Monday, January 16, 2012

Water Fun

Over this past summer I wanted to focus on some of Autumn's sensory issues.

I read many books.  I chatted with many moms.  I looked up many ideas.

Then I got to work. 

One of Autumn's favorite sensory activities is Autumn's Water Box.

It is really simple.  And even if your child doesn't have a Sensory Processing Disorder, activities like the water box are good for any child. 

I started with a $1.00 clear tote from Walmart.  I then gathered little odds and ends from Walmart and the local dollar stores. 

Some of the items in the box were:

Sponges - cut into the shape of a fish
Beach toys
Foam stickers - they stick to the side of the tote when wet

Autumn really enjoyed it!

Matthew got in on the water fun too!!!

Of course, this is how Autumn prefers to play with the water box.

All in all, this water box cost under $5.00 to make contains hours of fun!!

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