Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Inspire Me

I have a ritual every single day.

In the rare moments of the day where the children are quiet and content, I open up my laptop and allow you to inspire me.

Some of you inspire me with your advocacy.  Some of you inspire me with your wit.  Some of you inspire me to create beautiful crafts with my lovelies.  Some of you make me laugh so hard, the tears roll down my cheeks!

Every single day, you open up your world, your home, and your heart and let me in.

Thank you.

Thank you to Junior's Amazing Journey for showing me how awesome having a special guy like Matthew (and Junior) can be.  Your ability to make the world adaptable for your special man is so amazing. 

Heidi also writes here at Adaptations 4 Kidz.  Thank you for showing moms like me how easy it is to to make unbelievable products for our special kiddos.

Thank you to Kidz for giving me a place where I can meet and be encouraged by other special moms.  Kidz has something new everyday.  From inspiring quotes to special songs, Kidz lightens my heart every morning.

Thank you to Tara for opening up your life with the world.  Thank you for sharing sweet stories about the gorgeous Chloe.  Thank you for showing me what a privilege it is to be a mom to a special child. 

Thank you to Jocalyn for sharing Kendall's story.  I am truly honored to have actually met you.  Kendall is as cute in person as she is in her sweet pictures.  Thank you for being real, for expressing the truth behind this chaotic life.  Your posts about Kendall preparing for school are so helpful, as we are a few months away from sending Matthew.

Thank you to Ellen for providing such great information regarding special needs.  Max is such a doll, and purple looks fantastic on him.  Thank you for constantly providing great information on all things special.

Thank you to Kirsten for being a real life friend!  I hope you know what an inspiration you are to other moms. 

Thank you Danielle for the open approach you take to blogging.  I enjoy reading about Trevy's experience.  I am totally a stalker of the Trevy trays!!  It is truly moms like you that make me thankful to be put in the special needs community. 

Thank you Bree for the beauty you see in the world.  I am totally amazed at the awesomeness you bring to the world.  From the picnics to the unbirthdays, I truly want to be you when I grow up!

Thank you to Stark Raving Mad Mommy for making me laugh.  The humor you find in the everyday truly gets me through my morning.  Most of the time, I spit coffee at my computer screen from laughing so hard. 

Thank you to Rants From Mommyland for the constant hilarities that ensue from your blog!  Sometimes, with your blog, I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg!!  I mean, really, if you don't believe me, check it out!!

There are many more blogs I would love to share with you.  However, for their privacy, I am only sharing the blogs that are public and gave their consent. 

Thank you for making my day, blogger friends.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me every morning.  Thank you for allowing me to not feel alone in this world of special circumstances.

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  1. You beautiful girl! YOU inspire me! I agree with your list.. Isn't the blogging community amazing? What a great way to meet and come to know special people. I love it! I love you!