Monday, February 27, 2012


A few weeks ago we traveled to Scottish Rite.

Every six months we have our "big" appointment.  Its like a revolving door of advice.

One by one doctors, nurses, and therapists come in; they look over your child; they make comments and ask questions.  Then they dispense their advice.  It makes for a long day, but it is "one stop shopping" for us.

So we went.  We sat.  And one by one doctors, nurses, and therapists came in.  Autumn was in a good mood and showed off for her audience. 

Eight months ago at our last appointment, Autumn barely spoke.  Her language was just developing, and the doctors were worried about it.  This time she proceeded to tell everyone who walked in all about her new obsession:  Mickey Mouse.  To her delight, they actually gave her a Mickey Mouse doll!!

Yet, they are still worried about her language. 

I.  Am.  Not!

She is blossoming.  She has come so far.  She speaks in sentences.  She knows many of her animals, colors, numbers, and letters. 

I say she is just taking her time.

And I wish I could say that was the low point of the day. 

However, as we sat there we began to discuss her legs.  This is always a touchy subject for me.  I was upset not long ago when they had decided that the do nothing approach was best.  I felt as if they were not giving her an option.

This time we went the complete opposite direction.  Dr. A commented on how the best approach would be to correct her feet. (Well, duh!)  However, that was not an option since she does not bear weight.  I told him that she has been complaining of her feet lately.  She will move them randomly throughout the day.  She will also crawl with one leg up if she scratches her knee. 

To me, this totally proves she has sensation.  The doctor agreed but commented that just because she has some sensation does not mean there is enough there to satisfy what is necessary for the breaking and rebreaking of her bones in order to correct her feet and her legs.  If there is not enough sensation there we are simply doing this in vain.

And then things got real.  As I sat there, the air was sucked right out of the room.  My world began to spin.  Dr. A said that we needed to meet with the Ortho doctor again to discuss another alternative. 

Above the Knee Amputation

Yep.  That's right folks.  Suddenly there was a lump in my throat.  My eyes began to well up with tears.  But I don't lose it in front of the doctors.  We decided long ago that when we hear something we don't like we wait until we are alone, then we have five minutes to lose control.  It may not make much sense, but its our system. 

So here we are.  In limbo so to speak.  We will meet with the Ortho doctor in August.  We will be up there to do a Scottish Rite version on the IEP to get Autumn ready for school.  ( Oh My Gosh, its already that time)

I will do another post this week that will explain their reasoning for AKA.  I will explain Autumn's condition a little more in depth. 

Until then, please keep us in your prayers.  We have asked our church, our family, and our community to pray for us.  We are taking it on faith that what the doctors decide is the plan God has for us.

But really.....


Could she be any cuter?

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