Friday, March 30, 2012

Stroll for Epilepsy 2012

It is almost time to stroll!

Sadly, with all of Matthew's current issues we don't think he will feel up to it to attend.
He is having some pain when in an assisted sitting position.
As you can imagine this makes riding in the car as well as being in his stroller complete torture.

I am so upset we won't be able to make it.

However, I truly flabbergasted at the amount of support we received this year.

As of now ( with a check still on the way) we have raised $670.00.

We blew last years goal out of the water, and are just $30 shy of reaching this year's goal.  I have full confidence that we will reach our goal!

Thank you to the awesome people who took time from their schedules and opened their wallets to support this amazing cause!

We are truly honored of the friends and family we have been given.

Here are a few pictures of last year's stroll.  We had so much fun!

We also want to wish Layne's Rockin' Walkers the best of luck!  We hope you guys have a blast!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here We Go

I started to write this post a few months back.
Circumstances continued to keep me from writing.

My dad was in the hospital.  Matthew was in the hospital.  Then we went on a wild goose chase to try and find answers to the alarming GGT numbers Matthew had.

All in all, life got crazy, er, crazier than usual.

Brandon and I started having a stirring in our hearts.  Its the same stirring that rears its head along with our ugly past ever so often.  This time, we took time out and we talked about it.  We prayed about it.  We made a decision.

We are going to try and have a baby.

This has always been Brandon's plan. 

It was me that continued to have fear and anxiety regarding trying to conceive.

In regards to baby making, I have always been ruled by fear.

Somewhere in my head is a tiny little voice that constantly reminds me of all of our failures.  

Now, however, I am standing on God's promises.

It hurts my heart to admit that for the first six years we desperately tried to have a baby, prayer was always last on the list.  

This time we are viewing this in a new way.

We are blessed BLESSED, with two beautiful babies.  We know our family is not complete, but we are so happy to be the parents of two rockstar status children.  

Because of them we no longer feel the desperate need to fill any void.  This is not a "do or die" scenario.  This time we simply want to believe that the Lord will give us the desires of our hearts.  

And we want to start our journey with fresh eyes and fresh hearts.

So there it is....

our new plan...

as crazy as it may seem...

Here We Go.

This blog has always been about our lives.  It has been a journal for us to document our joy.  It will continue to be about that.  Having two children with special needs and raising awareness about adoption are both still very near and dear to our hearts.  We still want to expand our family with special needs adoption.  We still want to advocate and explore the world of special needs.  This is simply a new chapter in our lives.  We hope you will continue to stick around and enjoy this crazy, bumpy, and always fun ride with us.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Purple People

Happy Purple Day!!

Are you wearing your purple?

We are!  And we are proud to show it!

Purple Day is an pledge to raise awareness about Epilepsy worldwide!  
Purple Day was started by a nine year old!  

Nine year old!

And people think we can't change the world!  

Last year we celebrated Purple Day with our friends and family.

This year we are celebrating Purple Day in the doctor's office discussing Botox for Matthew.  

But we are still proud Purple People!

Happy Purple Day People!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy Friday blogger buddies.

Today's post is brought to you by the beautiful weather we are having outside.

Yesterday we found a bluebonnet patch and took some awesome pictures.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Every single day, my children amaze me.

Sometimes I am proud.  Other times I am excited.  This time I was brought to tears.

Autumn has never realized she is different.  She has adapted to the world in the only way she has known how, and she has found a place for herself.

Her friends do not think she is any different.  Aside from the initial questions about her legs, she is seen simply as "one of them."

We don't treat her any different.  She has chores.  We do not generally make things easier for her.  She has now mastered using a stool to climb on to the potty.

Oh, and this girl despises help.

She can do it all on her own.

In her words, "I got it, Mom."

So last Sunday she decided she wanted to put on her uncle's shoes.  I saw no problem with that.

I tried to upload the videos, but I'm having some difficulty.  Sorry

Then she tried to stand.  

Then she tried to move her feet and walk.

All of this was happening while she was saying "I walk. I walk."

Then she fell.

And she started to cry.

I had no words.  My child has just discovered not only is she different, but her differences allow her to not be able to walk.

What do you say to that?

So I held her.  I consoled her.

Then I went on the porch and cried myself.

I knew this day would come.  I had imagined what I would say to her when this happened. 

I didn't think this day would happen so soon.  

As much as my heart broke for my super strong girl, I know this will only enhance her super powers.

Today she insisted on wearing her own shoes (that hold no real purpose other than cosmetic) all day.

She is such an inspiration with her determination.  I have no doubt I will have to explain her disABILITIES to her again.  But she proved to me that they in no way define her.  

She is still trying to "walk."  She is exceeding expectations that others (including myself) had put on her.

I hope this will weigh on the decision we are making in August with Scottish Rite.  I hope they can see how her legs/feet are hindering her independence.  In no way do I want to amputate my daughter's legs, but I do want to give her the best circumstances to succeed in life.

Years ago, when we were trying to have a baby, I don't remember asking for such amazing children.  I can't believe that God allowed us to be a part of some of the most wonderful people on this earth.  I am so very proud to be their mother!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

Oh, how I have anticipated your arrival.

Spring is my favorite!

I have been enjoying the open windows.
I have been enjoying the warm air.
I love the longer evenings.

And finally, our family can go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Welcome Spring!

In honor of this wonderful season, we have been spring decorating and spring cleaning.

That's the part my husband hates, I'm sure.

And here are the beginnings of warming our house up to the beauty that is Spring.

I must admit.  I LOVE this centerpiece!  Who knew a few jelly beans, some peeps, and some artificial flowers could make such a statement!

Autumn is very interested in eggs this year.  She is finally at the age to begin to understand holidays.  These eggs hang in our dining room.


I love this piece as well!  It was super easy and super fun!

This little gem was a gift from Melissa.  She knows me well, and she understands my obsession with all things Easter!

That is just a sneak peek at the beginning of "Springing Up" our house.

And I'm super stoked about the little things I'm still making.

A super cute Easter egg to greet our guests.

And a fingerprint Easter bunny made by my sweet bunnies!

Are you welcoming Spring too?

Monday, March 19, 2012


Do you know what happens when your 2 1/2 year old learns how to use your iphone?


Happy Monday blogger friends!

May your day be extra cheesey!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


 Autumn has become quite the girl!

Much to my absolute giddiness.

 She has started allowing me to fix her hair in the mornings.

She is fascinated by having her picture taken.

 She has become quite the nurturer to her "big" brother.  Here she is telling him "its okay bubba."

Oh, and her moods change as quick as this Texas weather!


She has become quite the little "mother" as well.  We now have Baby Jesus and Baby Dog.  Sorry guys, I have no explanation as to why.  Yesterday I walked in to her room to find Baby Dog in the carseat, wrapped in our "blankie GabbaGab" ~~Autumnese for Yo Gabba Gabba blanket.  The baby doll also had a baby bottle in his hand.   When I asked Autumn what Baby Dog was doing she replied "Shhh Baby Dog seeping (sleeping)."

Autumn has recently stared playing in her room.  Its a skill we have been working on.  She didn't feel comfortable being in there because she couldn't get to what she wanted.  She would have rather just play in the living room.  Now she has mastered maneuvering things in her room to fit her needs.  Its actually quite impressive.  She will grab onto her windowsill and throw her little body up to get on her bed.  Or she will move her little four-wheeler to her toy box to get the toys she wants.  

Seriously, don't put anything past this one!

Also, she has decided she wants to dress herself.  Yay!!  

Another new skill learned.  

What everyone failed to mention that was with learning how to dress yourself, you also develop your own sense of fashion.  It is now an everyday occurrence to walk in to her room and find everything piece of clothing from her dresser thrown about.  She will generally be naked and trying on another "outfit."  Apparently my own fashion sense is no longer acceptable.

Another super cutsie girly trait Autumn is showing, again much to my delight, is her absolute necessity for her "cool" and her hat on our walks.  I mean, isn't she super cute!!

But my husband shouldn't fret about his "grease monkey" losing her love of all things daddy.  This is now what she wants for Christmas. 

"Daddy's Bicycle"

Thursday, March 15, 2012


My heart aches.  Our family is hurting.

My father-in-law has been in remission from Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for almost a year.

And its back.

This time in his brain.

We do not know what the future holds.  We do not know how much time we have.

We do know we are children of an amazing God who knows our paths in life long before we are even born.  

And we are resting in his grace as we process what is happening.

Please lift our family up in prayer.

Please remember my father-in-law, Rodney, on your prayer list.

Please tell someone how much you love them before you run out of time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Skinny on the Not-So-Skinny

I am extremely embarrassed to write this post.

It pains me to open up about an aspect of my life I often keep hidden.

I pride myself on being open and honest with this blog.
Being the parent to children with special needs is a privilege.
I love my life.


I hate my waist line.

That's right folks.

The time has come to get the skinny on...well all things not skinny.

Today's post is brought to you by my ever-growing pant size.

I have been blissfully married for almost nine years.  In that nine years I learned to cook.  While I learned to cook I learned I love food.

All Food

And there's more:

I run around from dawn until dusk.  I clean.  I change diapers.  I run errands.  I go to doctor's appointments.

I do not work out!

Until now!!

I saw my reflection in the mirror this week.  It was eye opening.  I know I am overweight.  I know I need to make better choices.  I know I live a sedentary life style.

But this was bad.

It was as if I was seeing myself for the first time.

What had I done to my body?

And now is the time to stop.

I bought a gym membership a month ago.  Immediately following that purchase, my dad went into the hospital.  Then Matthew got sick.  Then he spent a week in the hospital.  And there was just no time.

But that's just it!!  There is always time!  

So the excuses are done!  The bad choices are changing.

I'm taking back control of my life!

I want to be around a very long time for my children.  I want to complete a 5K.  I want to complete a half marathon.  I want to love the person looking back at me in the mirror.

So here goes blogger friends:

The truth is I weigh 215 pounds!


And I'm cringing as I type knowing soon people will read this.

Disclaimer, I do not want to be skinny.  I enjoy my curves.  I enjoy being comfortable in my own skin.  I want to lose around 65 pounds. 

And it starts now!!!

So tune in to see me reach my goals!  

That's right ~~ It ain't pretty!

Oh yeah, and pray I can "just say no" to all the chocolate!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Countdown

The countdown has began.

In a few short...very very short weeks, my sweet boy will start school.


Getting ready for his evaluation at the school!
I have always been an overprotective mom.
Those that know me are snickering now.  That may have been a bit of an understatement.

But now I am preparing to send my guy out into the big world.

Luckily, for my sanity, our Josie is accompanying him.  That sets my heart at ease. 

And yet, as soon as I think about him being at school my heart starts beating fast.  My pulse begins to race.  I break out in a sweat.

Ladies and gentlemen:  It is not pretty.

So, I took control of what I could.

And so began the process of Matthew's School Book.

It started as an idea to have all of his information at the school's fingertips.  Being in a tiny school district, there have not been many children as "involved" as Matthew.  I wanted to ensure they had all the information regrading his care.

So I began searching online.  I downloaded files from here.

I filled out forms.

I obsessed over the placement of said forms.  I obsessed over the appropriate tabs to have in the book. 

This process started in December, and I am happy to report it is done.


I wanted to make sure it was cute as well as functional. 

How could you resist a sweet face on the cover of a notebook?

This is how we organized it:

I started with a mess of forms, notebooks, tabs, and just pure chaos !

The I began printing forms, making my own forms, writing down any important information I could think of, and gathering said chaos into one big pile!

The tabs I included are:

  • All About Me
  • Medical
  • Diagnoses
  • Schedule & Appointments
  • Nutrition
  • Personal
  • Emergency Information
  • School Information
  • Misc

The "All About Me" tab includes Matthew's general information.  I included the things he likes, the things he doesn't like, how to calm him down when necessary, etc.

The "Medical" tab includes:
  •  an appointment log for doctor's appointments
  •  a seizure log to document incidents at the school
  •  medication log to be used for medications given at school that are not a part of the daily regimen
  • medication list
  • medication routine
  • hospital information
  • doctor directory
  • shot records
  • and a seizure plan

 The "Diagnoses" tab simply lists his current diagnoses.

The "Schedule" tab includes a daily activity schedule as well as a monthly calendar.

The "Nutrition" tab includes information on how/when Matthew eats.

The "Personal" tab includes:

  • transportation information
  • home health information
  • pharmacy information
  • and previous/current therapy information

The "Emergency" tab includes:

  • an emergency contact list
  • an emergency checklist
  • another copy of the seizure plan

The "School" tab includes:

  • important school contacts
  • school schedule
  • health log for anything sickness, rash, etc that begins while at school
  • a signed "consent to care"
  • and a signed "consent to pick-up"

In the "Misc" tab, the only information included pertains to his adaptive equipment.  I'm sure this tab while fill up more as the school year progresses.

Sadly, I realize this is way more information than they are requiring.  However, I feel like I have left no stone unturned when it pertains to the care of my child.

I know he will do so well and have so much fun in school.

I know this will benefit him in so many ways

Did I mention, I am so scared terrified anxious worried about my little superhero not being home with his mommy all day long?

At any rate, Matthew will be the most handsome and well prepared guy there!