Friday, March 16, 2012


 Autumn has become quite the girl!

Much to my absolute giddiness.

 She has started allowing me to fix her hair in the mornings.

She is fascinated by having her picture taken.

 She has become quite the nurturer to her "big" brother.  Here she is telling him "its okay bubba."

Oh, and her moods change as quick as this Texas weather!


She has become quite the little "mother" as well.  We now have Baby Jesus and Baby Dog.  Sorry guys, I have no explanation as to why.  Yesterday I walked in to her room to find Baby Dog in the carseat, wrapped in our "blankie GabbaGab" ~~Autumnese for Yo Gabba Gabba blanket.  The baby doll also had a baby bottle in his hand.   When I asked Autumn what Baby Dog was doing she replied "Shhh Baby Dog seeping (sleeping)."

Autumn has recently stared playing in her room.  Its a skill we have been working on.  She didn't feel comfortable being in there because she couldn't get to what she wanted.  She would have rather just play in the living room.  Now she has mastered maneuvering things in her room to fit her needs.  Its actually quite impressive.  She will grab onto her windowsill and throw her little body up to get on her bed.  Or she will move her little four-wheeler to her toy box to get the toys she wants.  

Seriously, don't put anything past this one!

Also, she has decided she wants to dress herself.  Yay!!  

Another new skill learned.  

What everyone failed to mention that was with learning how to dress yourself, you also develop your own sense of fashion.  It is now an everyday occurrence to walk in to her room and find everything piece of clothing from her dresser thrown about.  She will generally be naked and trying on another "outfit."  Apparently my own fashion sense is no longer acceptable.

Another super cutsie girly trait Autumn is showing, again much to my delight, is her absolute necessity for her "cool" and her hat on our walks.  I mean, isn't she super cute!!

But my husband shouldn't fret about his "grease monkey" losing her love of all things daddy.  This is now what she wants for Christmas. 

"Daddy's Bicycle"

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