Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

Oh, how I have anticipated your arrival.

Spring is my favorite!

I have been enjoying the open windows.
I have been enjoying the warm air.
I love the longer evenings.

And finally, our family can go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Welcome Spring!

In honor of this wonderful season, we have been spring decorating and spring cleaning.

That's the part my husband hates, I'm sure.

And here are the beginnings of warming our house up to the beauty that is Spring.

I must admit.  I LOVE this centerpiece!  Who knew a few jelly beans, some peeps, and some artificial flowers could make such a statement!

Autumn is very interested in eggs this year.  She is finally at the age to begin to understand holidays.  These eggs hang in our dining room.


I love this piece as well!  It was super easy and super fun!

This little gem was a gift from Melissa.  She knows me well, and she understands my obsession with all things Easter!

That is just a sneak peek at the beginning of "Springing Up" our house.

And I'm super stoked about the little things I'm still making.

A super cute Easter egg to greet our guests.

And a fingerprint Easter bunny made by my sweet bunnies!

Are you welcoming Spring too?

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