Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here We Go

I started to write this post a few months back.
Circumstances continued to keep me from writing.

My dad was in the hospital.  Matthew was in the hospital.  Then we went on a wild goose chase to try and find answers to the alarming GGT numbers Matthew had.

All in all, life got crazy, er, crazier than usual.

Brandon and I started having a stirring in our hearts.  Its the same stirring that rears its head along with our ugly past ever so often.  This time, we took time out and we talked about it.  We prayed about it.  We made a decision.

We are going to try and have a baby.

This has always been Brandon's plan. 

It was me that continued to have fear and anxiety regarding trying to conceive.

In regards to baby making, I have always been ruled by fear.

Somewhere in my head is a tiny little voice that constantly reminds me of all of our failures.  

Now, however, I am standing on God's promises.

It hurts my heart to admit that for the first six years we desperately tried to have a baby, prayer was always last on the list.  

This time we are viewing this in a new way.

We are blessed BLESSED, with two beautiful babies.  We know our family is not complete, but we are so happy to be the parents of two rockstar status children.  

Because of them we no longer feel the desperate need to fill any void.  This is not a "do or die" scenario.  This time we simply want to believe that the Lord will give us the desires of our hearts.  

And we want to start our journey with fresh eyes and fresh hearts.

So there it is....

our new plan...

as crazy as it may seem...

Here We Go.

This blog has always been about our lives.  It has been a journal for us to document our joy.  It will continue to be about that.  Having two children with special needs and raising awareness about adoption are both still very near and dear to our hearts.  We still want to expand our family with special needs adoption.  We still want to advocate and explore the world of special needs.  This is simply a new chapter in our lives.  We hope you will continue to stick around and enjoy this crazy, bumpy, and always fun ride with us.

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